Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good luck 2010

I don't think 2010 has much of a chance when it comes to out doing 2009. What an amazing year we had. We started the year off in Cedar and started the year out perfectly with knowing we were ready for our family and were blessed enough to become pregnant! Other great things that happened this year: I got Travis to dance with me (thank you Valentines Day), my older sister and her husband adopted a beautiful baby boy, Travis graduated from Grad school, got his first real job (with a real salary :) ), we moved to Orem, got a puppy, my younger sister got married, and we, of course, had our baby! On top of all of that we were able to swing a vacation to Pennsylvania and a camping trip in the summer. Yep, an amazing year! Good luck 2010.


Maples Family!! said...

wow that is one amazing year!! Good luck this year!!

Kate said...

Um...you live in Orem? Did I know that? Steve and I live in Provo. I think we may need to invite you over for dinner, stat!