Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Look Ma, no hands!

As a Mom I say it over and over again, they grow up so fast! Pretty sure I said it just the other day as Myra stood up with no hands and then took six steps before she toppled over! Seriously, my baby, walking? Pretty sure I just brought her home from the hospital! But nope, sure enough it's been 11 months since that day came and gone. Now we're just 3 months away from that 12 month mark! 3 weeks from her own cake and ice cream, 3 weeks from her first big celebration, 3 weeks from no longer being my baby...3 weeks away from a lot of change! 
 Since Myra started taking all of those sweet little baby steps I have been trying desperately to get a picture of her standing on her own. Problem is she's either holding onto me so she's too close to take a good shot-
 Or, she's moving so much it's all just a bunch of fuzz-
 or she's got something' in her mouth! This one isn't too bad, she is clearly on her own two feet with no hands! Seriously, they grow up so fast (couldn't help it, it had to be said)-
 Other day I was giving Myra a bath and combing her hair and was realizing how long it was...long enough for maybe even little ponies? It took me some time to get them in but sure enough her hair is definitely long enough for ponies-

Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of her with the ponies in either...today's mission!


Adrianne Merrill said...

What a big girl!!! I can't believe she is on the move