Monday, January 31, 2011

Cancun, Mexico!

Mexico was...*sigh* wonderful! Most of our time was spent right here-on the beach-
We had so much laying on the beach chairs with our books, taking naps, watching the ocean, and people watching. It was by far one of our favorite activities.
We went to this place called Xplor which was pretty much in a cave. We were required to wear helmets the entire time. We did rafting, which was a lot of fun and quite the arm workout. The paddles were attached to our hands, I was pretty surprised at how good we did. We also did some under river swimming, rode the jeeps that go in the water and did a bunch of ziplines-We spent a glorious Sunday afternoon at Cozumel, which is an island off of Cancun. We took a ferry there and then rented a scooter and drove around the island, making a couple stops at some beaches. It was a lot of fun.We went and toured Ek Balam and Chichen-Itza. So amazing! I can't believe the structures people have made. So cool. And snorkeling of course! The water was so perfect and we had a lot of fun swimming around like fish. We saw a ton of coral, fish, a sting ray, crabs, etc. A lot of fun. Trav got a nice sunburn in the shape of his life vest that day. Every day or night we would go out and walked on the beach. The sand was so amazing, it never got hot! We loved hearing the sound of the ocean. We slept with our windows open just about every night, it was really cool. We went para-sailing. Which was, despite the couple times we thought we were going to fall out, was a lot of fun. You could see the entire island and more being up so high. A couple gusts of wind had us holding on pretty tight but for the most part we really enjoyed it! This is Cancun-

More beach pictures (it's like the one you see in all the pictures, right?)-

We did lots of swimming in the ocean...or at least Trav did (I did lots of jumping and getting dunked in the ocean)-
On our very last day there we woke up early and watched the sunrise. Unfortunately it was cloudy and didn't quite get the beauty of it that we were hoping for but it was still beautiful-
We miss you Mexico!
ps-there are a bunch more pictures on facebook if you wanna check those out

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I had the best day with Cason yesterday. We played and played and played! It was one thing to another and when I laid in bed last night all I could think about how great it was! When I first saw him played with his scrapbook my first reaction was to go "no, not the scrapbook!" But then I thought, what good is it if he never looks at it? So I let him flip through it and he tried to grab ever embellishment, good thing there are page protectors-I was doing lots of laundry and the basket and got in and out, in and out, in and out-When he got in he'd dance around a little and spin around in circles...then he'd get out, and then back in and do it all over again, it was hilarious-We played with cars for about an hour in this tiny little space they call a kitchen. We'd start with the cars by the carpet and say 'ready, set, go' and then push them forward and watch them go. Then he'd race to go pick them all up, all four, all at the same time-A couple times they went under the fridge, most likely due to the small space-It really was such an awesome day. I enjoyed every moment of it, which really works out perfectly since Travis and I are headed out to celebrate five years in Cancun, Mexico! We are thrilled but man I am I gonna miss Cason!

Love you Cason! ps-please don't forget about me and please don't hate me when we get back!