Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's a baby!!

It's true, we're pregnant! Hooray! We are extremely excited to have our family grow and for Cason to become a big brother! As you can see I have quite the little bump! I'm in my second trimester at 18 weeks tomorrow! Woot! Which really just means I'm back the first trimester sickness and tiredness.
Things are going really well and we're looking forward to finding out the gender in just a few sort weeks! Oh, and no, I don't think Cason has any idea what's going on however I did catch him starring at my belly the other day so he is noticing a change. And he does know that I have a baby in my belly...but he also thinks he and Travis have one in theirs too so it's a learning process! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Okay well, he's not really a baby anymore but it seems just like yesterday he was. I can't believe he's 2! I'ts been an amazing 2 years with lots of growing and learning...from all of us of course. Because Cason is so infatuated with lawnmowers I decided to do a lawnmower theme. With a grass type of cake, windmills, and I even grew some grass for all the kids to make their very own grass head (they were a big hit). Cason of course loved the cake-It turned out so adorable considering I had to make the lawnmower out of candy-He got more gifts then he knew what to do with. But thanks to everyone and their patience he eventually got to all of them-He loved all of his toys and had a hard time deciding on which ones to play with-Once he found some alone time though he could narrow down the options-He was pretty good at sharing everything he got though with all of his friends-Sunday was his actual birthday and we decided to save our gifts for that day so there'd be no pressure from any other kids or anything-He took his sweet time. This soccer ball was probably his fav-That night we went to the park since that is probably one of his favorite things to do. We played till we all got too cold to be outside-And took his ball with us of course-Cason saying that he's now "two"-And then we spent some time on the toys-Happy Birthday Big Boy! We love you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Families Can Be Together Forever

You know it's true when you have fabulous pictures like these!
Fabulous, right? I can't seem to get enough of them.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Recently we took a little road trip out to San Diego, CA. We wanted to do one more family vacation before all the good weather disappeared so we packed up and drove out. Travis has an old friend that lives in Carlsbad and he was kind enough to accomodate our staying with him (for which we are forever grateful!)

The drive went amazingly well. Who knew we had such a good little traveler on hand? Cason was amazing! Thanks to tips from all our friends! The little presents worked like magic and the new books (from DI-I highly recommend going this route) worked wonders for over an hour! Even though the weather was overcast and chilly we still managed to find things to do and have a good time. I got some great pictures at the beach. The first time we went it was too cold to get in our suits so I thought just rolling up our pants would be okay for toe dipping-Cason's face after hearing the waves crash. He did this just about every time because the wind was so windy that the waves were crashing pretty loud-Trav trying to convince Cason it's okay to get his toes in the water-By the time he got comfortable going out on his own we went out a little far and the waves got us! One ended up pushing Cason over and went over his shoulders-it was traumatic. He was soaked and cold!! Thanks to not having dry clothes we had to endure to screams and cries-He eventually got over it and got back in the sand. By the time we were ready to go he was c.o.v.e.r.e.d! in sand! This picture really does not do it justice but this Cason's confused face-Cason got sucked into football that weekend. There was always a game on that Trav and Andy were okay with watching. From then on Cason is always asking to watch football...I hate that it started so early. We took a little ferry ride over to Coronado...or something similar to that. Cason would stand on the bench, lean over the side and yell out "NEMO!" He said it with so much passion too. As if Cason was the one looking for and determined to find little Nemo-While Cason and I took glorious Sunday naps Travis and Andy took a hike to somewhere cool I'm sure-We went to San Diego zoo, which was awesome. We saw these hippo's sleeping, they looked like they were having very good dreams-Koala's which I had never seen before so I was pretty excited. They had a ton of them too-Kangaroo's, which again I was excited about because I had never seen one before but this guy just stood there and itched himself for as long as we could take so we moved on-Cason was on every fence trying to climb it that he could see-

We saw polar bears which were totally awesome because they got down in the water and started play fighting and swimming, Cason loved them-They had one little panda who was on the move, Cason also tried to get in this little guys cage, it was a close call-Day two at the beach was beautiful! We got in suits so we were prepared to get wet. The sun was shinning and we were ready for a fun filled day!Unfortunately because of Cason's first day experience he did not want to touch the water. Every time we got him close to the water we'd wait for it to touch our toes, he'd bolt the other way as the water got closer and closer-So we turned it into a fun game of chasing that had us all laughing-And on our last day we drove up to the temple. And even though there was no sunshine, I still managed to get some good shots-San Diego Temple is a beautiful temple! Every day now Cason asks to see a temple and he thinks every church we pass is a temple. It's a fun learning experience (oh, and Cason almost ran into the temple doors too. I was tempted to let him just to see what the temple workers would do, heehee, but then decided that I knew better)-For one moment, the sun came up-

Such a fun vacation! We love you San Diego! And Andy! Thanks again for letting us stay with you!