Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catching up Day 9-

It's like a flip book, it's all in his smile-

Adorable, right??

catching up day 8: Camping with Daddy

Awhile ago Travis took Cason camping over night with his brother and I'm pretty sure Cason had a blast- Just him and Daddy, what more could you ask for?

Cason didn't want to have anything to do with me for over a week! I love that they were able to do this for me and that Trav was such a good sport to take pictures for me! Love my boys!

(still) catching up day 7: One Fabulous Weekend

This adorable boy made our fourth of July weekend fabulous-

We started our weekend out at Seven Peaks and had a blast with Trav (first time we were all able to go there together). That night we went to an Owlz game and while Trav and I were both nervous how Cason was going to do, we had a lot of fun. He played with his cars, toys, ball, had plenty of snacks, and even made friends with the people sitting around us.After the game they had fireworks and Trav and I were anxious to see how'd he do. And he loved them! Stared at them the whole time going 'ooo'. So much fun. It made us even more anxious for the fourth- Saturday we hiked bridal viel falls-

Cason loved it. No stroller, just walkin' around, anywhere he wanted (...well almost wherever he wanted). He loved this strip line. He followed it and walked right on it-The falls themselves weren't so much what Cason loved as the river itself. He really wanted to go right on but man was the water tall and going fast. He couldn't stay around too long because he was ready to dive in. So he headed back and could you believe he wanted to hold our hands? It made our hearts melt! He rarely wanted to hang on to our hands but there was something about that moment that he wanted to hold both our hands- And even more amazing-I got a picture of it! This one is my favorite-

Monday we headed to our parents for a bbq. Cason ate aboslutely nothing because he was so busy playing-Our traditional family shot in front of the flag-Then we headed to Sugar House park for the fireworks. Going to the park he got to ride in the wagon with Papa pulling it and he was adorable sittin' there among the blankets and treats-

I'm so sad his eyes are closed in this picture but it's still so adorable that I had to include it- You know I think the fourth of July might be one of my favorite holidays just because of all the family things that we do. I love going to the park and I love that I finally have a child to next to and watch enjoy the fireworks. I've been going to the park since I was a kid and so it's such an amazing feeling to be going with my family. I love holidays! And I love my boys!