Monday, July 19, 2010


Can you believe this kid is finally getting teeth?? If you squint a little bit you can see two little guys peeking up on the bottom there. His top gums are all swolen and it looks painful, as you can see-But it hasn't been all fuss and tears. In fact for months I keep thinking that he's been teething but nothing. The other day I noticed something white and sure enough-there were little teeth. Looks like he's getting all four- front ones, top and bottom, all at the same time.So adorable! Keep posted for more super cute pictures with hopefully less gums and more teeth.This weekend I made this- the two collages on the sides of our family picture-thanks to this awesome idea.
They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

T is for Trouble

Now that Cason is a bit more mobile I am finding myself not getting quite as much accomplished. I'm having fun keeping up with him. He seems interested in the weirdest things though.

The kitchen chair seems to be a favorite-As well as the diaper bag-And of course the remote-And for some reason the stoppers on the baseboards for doors. Here he is in the bathroom playing with one-Maestro's kennel?? I couldn't believe this one. I snapped some shots and pulled him right out to find him covered in Maestro's fur. A kitchen drawer-Maestro's toys-This is my favorite though, watching him pull himself up,As you can he's not too graceful about it but it gets him to where he wants to go.
And for those of you who are curious Maestro has been through surgery and is recovering quite nicely. We're hoping in a week or two he'll be back to his normal self.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cason's first Fourth

Every year my family does the same thing for the Fourth of July and this year was no different, thankfully. I was a little nervous there for a little while because Sugar House wasn't going to do their Fireworks show because they didn't have enough money. Luckily with enough donations they were able to pull it off and we were all able to enjoy it. The evening started off with a super delicious bbq at my parents with lots of other family, we had such a good time with everyone there. Can you believe I made these? Not only were they super cute and patriotic, but they were delish!

Traditional family picture, minus one sister, one brother, and one brother-in-lawLet this be a warning to all of those out there that ever have my camera, if you take pictures of yourself with it, they will end up on my blog :) Love you Danielle'!
Despite the bumpy ride through the park Cason took a nap on the way there. I was so nervous about the fireworks freaking Cason out but he did so good. The first few were a bit of a shock but after that he really enjoyed them. In fact in the middle he got a little bored and started to play with his feet. After that he layed on my belly while we both just stared at the sky, so much fun.
Watching fireworks- good thing we had clean noses, eh?Believe it or not we ended up using the blanket I brought for Cason for Maestro....that's right, Travis isn't snuggling with just the blanket, Maestro is under there. Trav discovered that if Maestro was covered that he didn't shake as much. But Trav still had to keep a good hold on him because even then he tried to get up and run away a couple of times. Waiting for the show to start-
Cason watching the fireworks, so cute-

Hope everyone had a good fourth, I know we did! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

His first H2O

While sitting outside one evening Cason kept eyeing Travis' glass of water and Trav decided to give it a shot. At first he just sucked on the rim off the glass-But then he got some water-
And that's when it hit him-
So funny! We all started laughing!

But no matter how different or how cold, he still wanted more-
So cute!
Can you believe this guy needs surgery again!
For some odd reason his knee cap (same leg as his hip surgery) pops out of place which causes him to limp. Lucky for us all he has to do his sit down and pops back in, or if we do it we just have to push his leg up towards his body and you can hear it pop back in. Next Thursday he'll be getting it all taken care of. Thanks to Dr. Coleman in Provo we are still able to afford Maestro. Three cheers for cheap vets!