Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer-Month One

Summer is in full swing over here! Every day contains sunscreen and water from somewhere! Myra's new favorite past time is playing with the hose- 
She has a hard time letting it go, even when she's got the hose pouring directly over her head and down her face. It's so funny to watch because she can barely breath but refuses to let the hose go! Cason is such a good sport and waits his turn and even tries to play with Myra by trying to get her to spray him, she makes her giggle the entire time-
 When she finally gives up the hose Cason's all over it!
 This shot makes me laugh every time, such a goof-
 The slip-n-slide is another favorite. Myra mostly enjoys playing with the water that shoots up,
 But Travis will help her go down a couple times-
 This is of course Cason's favorite! He'd run and slide down on his knees, bum, back, belly, side, you name it and he's probably tried it! His ultimate favorite though is when Trav gave him a huge push from his ankles and sent him flying down!! 
 Everyone needs to stop for the occasional drink, right?
 And the splash pad! We're blessed enough to have one just a couple blocks from us and it's a hot spot! And you can only imagine how shocked I was when Myra just walked away from me and walked around all by herself for a good 20 minutes! 
It was so much fun watching them having such a good a time!
 Once her floppy hat got wet it then it was really floppy and kept getting in her face. She's grab the flap that was over her eyes and lift it up so she could see where she was going and then put it back down and be off to running again! It was pretty adorable-

 And last but not least, this little bucket! When the hose comes out one of them finds this black bin and fills it with water. Cason barely fits in it but still spends 10 minutes in it doing...I'm not sure what. Then Myra hops in and splashes and plays for another 10 minutes. They loves this black bin, I love this black bin!!

Happy Summer!! On to month 2!