Sunday, June 27, 2010

spreadin' the love

The other night we were out walkin' around and ran into some friends and so we stopped to chat with them and the mom helped their daughter take a picture of me and Cason. How appropriate considering my last post, eh? Turned out to be a cute picture too. Thanks again Payton! And I just had to post these two pictures because Cason is clapping! I absolutely love watching Cason clap. I don't know what it is but it just melts my heart!

his first haircut

Can you believe he already needed a haircut? He's just about nine months old and already had hair half way down his hair, neck, and forehead, not to mention the four inches on top of his head. I wanted to do it myself but was too nervous to do it with clippers (I thought the vibration would scare him) and not good enough with scissors so I just took him somewhere.
So here's the before-He was sure to keep his eyes on her hands with the scissors and comb-Which made it tricky for when she tried to do his ears so Trav had to hold his ear and head for her-He wasn't a fan-Look at all of that!By the end he was done with it and this was the best after picture I could get. But notice how there's no hair over his ear, hooray!

playing catch up

I've got a nice chunk of time on my hands and since I need to post picturs from last weekend I thought I'd take adantage of the quiet. So last weekend we joined Travis' brother and family and sister and family up American Fork Canyon for a weekend of tents and hiking. We had such a good time. Here's a bit of a picture binge-Enjoy!
It wasn't a long drive for us since we're not far from American Fork but it sure was bright. When the sun was beaming in Cason's window for only a couple of minutes and I saw it wasn't going anywhere any time soon I knew I had to figure out something. So I came up with this-brilliant!

Swinging in the hammock
Cason and Daddy, look at that adorable!We hadn't even gotten to the hike spot yet and these two were already taking a nap! Our little familyCascade Springs, it was beautiful!Attention Pennsylvania-ians-take note: these are mountainsCason and Daddy playingCason taking his naps, which he was pretty good at. He stayed on schedule pretty good too, considering where we were.Eating was the hardest part of the weekendA sign that it's time to put the camera away-
Our very own tent! It's huge so we had lots of space. We're looking forward to filling that all up in the years to come.Can you imagine sleeping in this? Trav and I were so worried about him staying warm enough so we got him this. He was frustrated with it because it made it hard for him to roll over and curl up but he definitely stayed warm enough.Cason in a beanie, so adorable-Thanks to my parents we used this back carrier deal. It's a good 30 years old and it worked out great! Thanks Mom and Dad! Cason fell asleep and his head was all over the place because he really didn't have anywhere to put it-Luckily Travis' sister married a smart man because he came up with this for him, much more comfortable. Thanks again Kevin!Us by the waterfall, notice Cason's eyes peeking over.Cason and the waterfallCason was always turned some which way, generally the left, making it harder on Travis' back

So that was us camping, so much fun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom-in-the-picture love

As I was blog stalking this morning I went from one blog to another blog to another blog and I eventually came across this and loved it so much that it had me inspired to open up my very first scrapbook made by my dear Mom (before scrapbooking even became what it is today) to find some pics of me and my mom. Now before I post these pictures let me just say I realize that taking a picture of a picture does not give you a great picture. However since Cason's asleep and the scanner is currently in his room, this was the most convient option for me. So please endure with me through the fuzz, and well...not so great pictures. So just as Mandy has made a goal to take a picture of her and each of her children each month, I am going to make the same goal. Which I am already pretty good at, thanks to taking lots of pictures. Lucky for me messing around with your camera all the time can give you some fun shots.

One thing that I am going to start doing though that I don't already do is to help spread the mom-in-the-picture love and just like Mandy said, every time I see a Mom pull out her camera I'm gonna offer to take her picture with her kids. Three cheers for Moms!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And so the terror begins-

I guess crawling leads to things like this-

and thisBut when you're this cute it really doesn't matter-

So cute!! This is Cason clapping, so adorable!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

thank you continuouos shot

I can never go anywhere or do anything without taking less than 50 pictures, it's generally a lot more. But this is all thanks to the continuous shot mode I have on my camera, it's always on. For some reason I've gotten in the habit of always taking a couple of shots of everything. It's hard to choose which picture to keep and which to throw away when I get them all loaded up onto the computer but it's totally worth it because I always get awesome shots that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten. Like so-
Cason eating Cherrio's for the first time-Attempting to drink from a sippy-Sitting in his new car seat (he's such a chunk he had outgrown his other one)-And I just had to add this one because his cheeks are just too cute!Eating a Cheeto for the first time-Learning to crawl!Of course the only thing that would get him moving was Maestro's disgusting bone-And so the terror begins! Cason reorganizing our movies for us-Cason clapping all on his own for the very first time-
So he even though I always end up with more pictures than I know what to do with, at least I'm getting some priceless ones. Thank you continuous shot mode!