Friday, February 25, 2011

why is it so difficult?

Difficult to get a cute picture of me with Cason, that is? Maybe it's because I'm the one holding the camera...maybe cuz he's only 17 months old...maybe cuz I'm that uncoordinated? Who knows. But I really wish I could get cute pictures of us together instead of ones like this-Or ones where I try to be creative and my head gets cut off-Or just doesn't turn out the way I planned it-Being more flexible though, I did manage to get a couple cute ones-This one turned out pretty cute just cuz he's always tilting his head like this-A couple other great shots for this fantastic day out in the beautiful sunshine-He climbed up to this slide all on his own-And then went down it all on his own-

We've got spring fever! How about you?

Monday, February 21, 2011

You can't help but to laugh

These pictures crack me up!!
As you can see this is Cason, crying...a lot. And it's not because his mouth hurts so much that it makes him cry because he is getting his very first molar but because he's heart broken!

Heart broken that I'm not sharing
The broom-
Every time I get out the broom to sweep he follows me and follows just waiting to give it up. By the time I've moved onto the third area to sweep he throws a fit that I'm not letting him have a turn. I try to explain but it's useless. So I ignore him until I'm completely done and then hand it over-
Then he goes back to the first spot I swept and re-sweeps for me. It's pretty funny-
ps-you have to watch this video till the very end because he says 'B-Bye' and it is so adorable that it will most likely melt your heart!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A bit of a picture overload-

I've gotten behind, I know. Mexico threw me off and got me behind and I've finally caught up on uploading all my pictures on the computer and so now I'm ready to add them to the blog. I thought about skipping over them but really Cason is just too cute to skip over. Enjoy!
So the day after we get home I'm cleaning up the house while Travis is "watching" Cason. Cason finds my keys-And amazingly enough goes to the door and starts playing, so funny.Cason seemed so different when we got back from our vacation, bigger, taller, more coordinated, a little better with the words he was saying, it was amazing. So I decided he was ready to be given the bowl instead of dumping everything out, he looks so grown-up don't you think?Unfortunately he's been off and on sick and some times that calls for some cuddling and relaxing-Playing peek-a-boo with us at dinner. Which really just got a lot of food in his hair but it was still adorable-Like I said, big boy. We're teaching him to put on his shoes-Haha! Just kidding! I can barely get his shoes on! :) But he sure does like to pretend-Trav and Cason, this time Trav stayed awake :)Can you believe he finally ate a banana! Unforutnately he's not anymore. It lasted for about three days but it was great while it lasted. Any ideas for a little one that won't eat fruit would be greatly appreciated! And climbing on the chair-If these are not pushed under the table then we will find him on them! It drives me crazy because these are not good, sturdy chairs but Cason sure does love them-
It's been so good to be home again with Cason. We certainly did miss him! We are currently "back in the swing of things" and missing Mexico!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book of a Thousand Days

Can you believe I'm reading another book (in Cancun I read The Goose Girl)? Both books are by Shannon Hale and I gotta say, I'm loving her stuff. The way she writes makes me envious! I so wish I could write like that...but at least I can read it. I am really enjoying the book I'm reading now, Book of a Thousand Days. I thought I'd share a favorite passage so far:
"But what ails her? Could it just be she's that heartsick for her love, Khan Tegus? I can't wrap my thoughts around how deep their love must be. It's too high above me. It's surely a powerful love that bids a girl brick herself away from Eternal Blue Sky for seven years. I once liked a boy named Yeke with kind eyes, but I wouldn't give up the sun for him. Her khan must be such a man from legend, a man formed from Evela, goddess of sunlight. Perhaps if I looked at him, I'd have to squint. I'll ask me lady."
Love it!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What would you do?

So I'm not quite sure what to do with Cason's schedule these days and I need some help! So I thought I'd open it up and see if I can get some suggestions-
Cason is almost 16 months old now and is still taking two naps! I hate to complain about two naps because they are wonderful! But I'm thinking I should really cut it down to two, however, he loves his morning nap and not so fond of the afternoon nap. So question is, should I cut it down to one nap and just let him get used to the one nap or should I continue the morning nap and afternoon and just wait it out a bit longer until he phases the morning nap out on his own? Decisions, decisions. *sigh*
Anyway, please comment with your thoughts and suggestions and help me decide what to do!
Confuzzled Mom
ps-you rock! :)