Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cason eats solids

Last weekend we started Cason on some rice cereal! I can't believe he's old enough for this! You know at five months I knew that it was coming but so fearful of actually having to become a parent that I put it off, does that make me a bad parent? Then all last week I kept seeing the signs that he was ready for solids and by the weekend I couldn't ignore them. So I bought him a chair, spoons, and some rice cereal. Saturday morning I put him in his chair and oh man, he looked so cute. I put on his bib and gave him his spoon to play around with while his milk was warming up.

He watched me while I got everything ready and every time I looked over at him across from the table my heart just melted. Again, I can't believe he's old enough for this-
It went really well. There was some gagging, some spit up, and a lot of confused facial expresssions but I think overall he liked it.

Four days later he's eating it great! He attempts to chew, doesn't gag, and follows the spoon with every bite.

I tried to add the video of his first time eating solids but it wasn't working-of course. I'll have to try tomorrow.
Happy solid eating!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cason's First Vacation

About a month ago Travis and I made plans to go to St. George so we could see Travis' brother bless his baby boy. When I told Travis that this would Cason's first vacation he replied with "Ooo, we better take lots of pictures." Which is exactly what I did. Last weekend we headed to St. George and we had a blast!

Even though we were stuck in the car for a couple hours than we would have liked, Cason did great! He played, he slept, we stopped to eat, and I'm pretty sure he loved us just a tiny bit more than he did before when we finally took him out of his car seat.
When getting him ready for bed I couldn't wait to prop him up with all the fluffy pillows and just let him play. And of course I couldn't resist taking a couple shots of all the fun he was having.

So cute!
Saturday morning we all went swimming! Which was also another first for Cason.
He didn't seem to love it...or hate it. He would float around and just look around at everyone. He'd splash his hands in the water, suck his thumb, and give us tiny smiles.
HE sure did look cute in his little suit!
We all had a good time (From left to right: Avary, Danielle', Atkin, Travis, and Cason)
Making faces
These two make our family get togethers so much more fun! Travis and I don't know what we'd do without them!
And this little guy. Love his suit! After Cason was done swimming he took a turn in the floaty and just bobbed around the pool. So cute!
Thanks to Oma I was able to get in the pool while she held onto Cason so he could take a morning snooze. How much is an adorable little at like this worth? I couldn't believe how adorable Cason looked in this little hat! Unfortunately I didn't think it was worth the price so I'm looking forward to looking around for one this summer for him to wear.
Sunday, the day we were leaving, was beautiful! We had to get Cason by the palms!
And the blessing, it went great. From left to right: Me with Cason, Shawni with Kayden (the baby that was blessed), Jamie, Avary, Danielle' with Easton, and Mom.
The drive home was l o n g ! But we made it and I'm pretty sure Cason was grateful. The weekend wore him out of trying so hard to stay on schedule but still have fun.

Thanks to Kayden, Trevor, and Shawni, for giving us an excuse to head down to south and for giving Cason his first vacation! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need to start taking BEFORE pictures

Every night I put Cason down the same way. I lay him down on his blanket with his head the same way every night, on my left, wrap him up in his blanket, and give him his pacifier (he's always parallel with his crib). The tail end of the blanket I flip up onto his body. I do it the same way every night. Well for the past five or so days he's slept through the whole night...or should I just say I haven't needed to go in at all to make any adjustments. And I think that's given him plenty of time to move around all on his own because for the past three mornings I have found him in different sleeping arrangements-

Tuesday morning-now horizontally. When I came in he was sucking on his blanket and laying on his pacifier
Wednesday morning-he is now laying with his head on the right and not on the left...but still wrapped. How on earth does this happen??
Thursday morning (this morning)-horizonal again and sucking on his blanket...again.
How on earth does he get in these different positions? Would anyone like to stay up all night and watch how my baby moves in the middle of the night for me? Maybe I should invest in a video camera with long battery power? Or probably just keep taking pictures and laughing about it...although maybe I should start taking pictures of him when I put him down for some before shots!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My baby-rollin over!

Last time I tired to post a video it didn't work out but I've had some requests from those who don't get to see Cason very often to post a video of him rolling over so I'm gonna give it another shot. Hopefully it works so you'll be able to see. This video is old, mid-February, but it still looks the same today. Although the other day he was on his back and looked like he was trying to roll over onto his belly so maybe I'll be able to post another video of him rolling onto his belly soon. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I need your opinion, I'm stuck in rut and I don't know what to do so for those who would like to offer your opinion I would truly appreciate it-what should I do?
I think I've always held my friendships to a high standard and growing up that seemed okay but now that I'm older and have had so many friends come and go I find myself being frustsrated with the friends that aren't very good at keeping in touch, especially the ones that seemed "close". Recently I've gotten an invitation to where a gift would be expected for a friend who was once upon a time very close. But now, years later, I hardly talk to this person anymore. They say they'll call but they never do and when they email they are short and hardly contain any information worth responding to. Now I have an invitation on my counter for this person and my dillema is that I feel like the only reason I've been invited is for my gift. However they were once upon a time a good friend and I just hate that I never hear from them unless they need something from me. I want to be that good person who can push that stuff aside and still be there for them when they need me...however I don't know if this is an occassion where I would consider that they truly "needed me". Anyway, so like I said I need your help. What should I do? What would you do? Go to be the better person? Or ignore the invite? You can comment or put your answer in the poll on the top left of my blog. Thanks!
Mrs. Torn and Confused

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good morning sleepy head

The other morning I went into Cason's room and found him sleeping like this- This is so funny because he usually sleeps parallel with his crib and he's wrapped every night. I was amazed to find him completely out of his blanket, turned around, and completely spread out. What a crazy boy. I can't help but wonder how he got so turned around. Sure does look comfortable though doesn't he?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello March!

I just love this sweet face! And I definitely can't get enough of these chubby cheeks! I am so in love!Cason has been working on sitting up all by himself. I often put him in between my legs that way I can help support him. Well last week I got brave and tried to let Cason sit all by himself- He did pretty good but then he started to lean forward and he caught himself right before he'd fall flat on his face and he always tries so hard to pull himself back up. He can get just far enough up to not topple over but it doesn't last too long before his little muslces give in.Can you tell he's ready for a nap? He gets so mellow at this point and I can't even get a little smile out of the guy. He sure is cute though. And I once again...cannot get enough of these cheeks! I am just so in love with them!
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, we'll be reading some of his books today in his memory.