Friday, May 29, 2009

If you need a good laugh-

Then you definitely need to watch this video. Travis had Maestro in the bedroom this morning and Maestro found our long mirror. He was so confused at first and had no idea what to think. It was so funny cuz it seemed like he didn't know what to do with himself. Anyway, if you need a good laugh today hopefully this will help you out. Please feel free to come back to this video as many times as needed. :) Oh, and be sure to turn the volume up because at the beginning you can hear him growling and then he starts barking. This was the first time we heard him make so much noise, which includes the barking. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No work and all play

It has been quite the adventure having a puppy around. He's been really stressed having left his mom, coming into a new home, and having new owners. But lucky for us dogs adapt quickly and he loves us now. He whimpers when we leave the room and he'll come running to us when it's been longer than five minutes since he's seen us. He's been such a joy to play and snuggle with. My favorite it when he runs to me and climbs into my legs like you see in the next picture. He loves to lean right against your leg but this was my favorite. He laid there and took a little nap while I went through the mail.

Yesterday I was in the second bedroom unpacking stuff and noticed how quiet it had gotten. I went out to the living room to see what was going on and this is what I saw-Nap time. They are so funny. I laughed to myself and couldn't help but to take a picture. I love my boys!

And last but certainly not least, a video. It's hilarious. I love learning the cute little quarky things about Maestro. Like for example, he doesn't have much of a tail so when he wiggles it pretty much his whole butt wiggles, it's so cute. He stamps his front paw on the ground all of the time. And some times when he's running he kinda bounces like a bunny rabbit. So we took this video of him going back and forth to us. You can see the butt wiggle at the very beginning and also the bouncing too, he's so stinkin' cute! We're lovin' him! Enjoy!

Oh, and I feel I have to explain at the very end of the video Maestro tried to jump up to my face and ended up hitting the camera which then ended up hitting me in the chin. It was all pretty funny though.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

In 24 hours

This makes apartment number six for Travis and I and one of the few times that we've done it all in 24 hours. We woke up early in Cedar to make our drive to Orem. By the afternoon we had our future ward members helping us unload the truck. By evening we had the kitchen unpacked, half the bedroom set up, my Dad had helped Travis hook up the washer and dryer, and we had enough boxes out of the way to have my whole family over for dinner and dessert. It was great. By bedtime we were in our new place with a nice cool breeze brought in by our very own window! :) Life is good when you have a window big enough to let in a breeze.

This morning we picked up this cute little thing! We've been waiting for weeks to move up here so that we could have a dog. We specifically only looked at apartments that would allow us to have a dog. Meet Maestro (Pronounced My-stro). Yesterday he turned two months old and he only weighs two pounds!
So the baby is doing well. We meet our new Dr. next week so still have some time to go. I'll be 19 weeks in just two days. I feel like my belly is stickin' out pretty good. I hate not being able to sleep on my stomach. Some times when I wake up in the morning I go, 'oh yeah, I'm pregnant'. I put on a pair of maternity pants today and they are so comfortable! No button at all, how great is that? I think I might convert over to maternity clothes permantely. OH! And more good news, Travis found out the other day that he passed his Utah board exam! Sweet! I was not surprised, I knew he was going to pass. So now he waits for his certificate to show up and then he gets to start work. He's excited, I'm excited, the whole family is excited. I gotta be honest, life is good for us right now. We just moved in a great apartment, we're pregnant, we just got a dog, and we're not working! Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye

Life can change so fast. One day you're doing one thing and planning for that one thing and the next thing you know, you're on a whole different track. At least that's how it was for my oldest sister, Rebecca and her husband, Forrest. They have been married for almost eleven years now. About eight years ago they tried to start their family. But as it works out, for some, they came across complications. They tried everything they could for years and realized about three years ago that if they wanted their family they would have to adopt. Almost two years they were approved for their adoption and then they were left waiting and waiting and waiting. Over the trials and hurdles they had to bare, they succeed in beginning their family. Not knowing what was coming their way, the day before Mother's Day they received a call from a young woman saying that she had to decided to place with them! Three days later she gave birth to a beautiful nine pound baby boy! Three days later, Rebecca and Forrest became parents! How amazing huh? I can't even believe they have a baby-right now. Life is sweet and boy do we have a lot to be grateful for. There is no doubt in my mind that they are going to be amazing parents! Travis and I are so excited for them!

They named him Carter. He is such a good baby, only crying when he needs something. He is so much fun to hold and take pictures of. He looks like a pug when he begins to squirm and cry, it's the best. We had only known him for a couple of minutes and we were already in love with him, I can only imagine how Rebecca and Forrest feel.
This is Rebecca, who is now a mom!!This is my mom, who I love to now call Grandma!

Travis had a stressful weekend because he was studying and preparing to take his Utah Board which will certify him to practice here in the state of Utah. He took his test on Monday and was just as nervous coming out of the test as he was going in. Hopefully we'll find out in a couple of weeks that he passed (I know he did). We are currently packing our apartment up and getting ready to move up to Orem on Friday-just a couple days left! It's too crazy that we have finally made it to this point in our lives. No more school. No more tuition. No more fees. No more loans. From here it's a real job that pays real money! We really couldn't be happier---oh wait, yes we can!

Today we had a Dr.'s appointment to find out the gender of our baby. I'm only 18 weeks but my dr. here in Cedar thought it would be fun to see if we could see anything before we left town. So we went in today hoping the baby wouldn't be hiding and there would be no shaddy business goin' on.

I took the best pictures I could of the ultra sounds. She showed us a lot of great pictures including feet, a profile here (he has a cute little pop belly), the kidneys, femurs, the brain, it was awesome. But I gotta be honest, this was my favorite part-She showed us this picture and then didn't say anything. Travis and I gasped and said together, it's a boy! TADA!! You can see his two legs stickin' out, his little bum, and then the goods. He was not shy and I was happy that he was willing to cooperate. So we're having a little Travis Jr. (no, that's not what we're naming him). So great. We're excited!! Thanks for all your love.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hooray! Hooray for two reasons-one I finally got on the computer and caught up on everyone's blogs and continued to stay around long enough to catch up on our blog.
Hooray reason number two-our trip up to SL the other week was a success! Travis worked with the Dr. and the Dr. loved him so much that he offered him the job. Travis loved the job so much that he called him back later that week and took the job! Hooray! Later that week we went apartment hunting and found something perfect for us and doesn't have outrageous rent-how blessed are we. Everything seemed to fall into place for us and we are so grateful.
What this means? Travis will be working with Dr. George at the Timpangeous (if I spelled that wrong please just continue reading) hospital around the end of June doing Pain Management. This weekend we're headed back up to SL again because Travis has his mother-of-all-tests (aka-his Utah board test). About a week or so after we'll know if he passed and then about five weeks after that when he gets his certificate, he'll be able to start working with Dr. George. Can't wait!
We're currently packing everything up and getting ready to move-AGAIN! Seriously, when will it end? We'll be up in the Orem and can't wait to be out of limbo and closer to family! Next weekend will be the big move so if you can come help us let me know, we'll be needing help in SL. Life is good. We're excited to get out of the 'limbo' stage and be done with school and on to the 'real world', okay so we're really looking forward to getting real money but we didn't want to sound selfish. :) Love you all.