Sunday, April 27, 2008

not much to say-

See all that blank space? That represents Travis and I trying to do a is nonexsistent for a reason. There's nothing for us to talk about. Travis is too stressed for words because he has his last three finals on Monday and Wednesday. Our house is bare because we're moving on Thursday-pictures to come at a later date. And that's all folks. By the end of this week hopefully there will be more interesting things for us to inform you of. Until then-

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pamela, aka-Pam-o

Meet Pamela. For you older readers you have already met her but for you new readers this is a first. She's adorable. And last week she gave me permission to call her "Pam-o". Really, she did. She told me, "Camille, you can call me Pam-o". And guess what, I do and I love it. I'm the only one too. Some of the other teachers called her Pamo and she said, "only Camille can call me Pamo, you have to call me Pamela". It's so cute. Every day she says out of nowhere, "Camille, I love you." She says it quite frequently too. And every time she says it I can't help but to smile and give a little laugh cuz it's just so darn cute. The other day as I was helping her change her clothes after a water table splashing incident she looked down at me and said, 'Camille, you're my best friend.' It was heart melting. I actually think a tear came to my eye because I couldn't believe that this little two-year old would actually call me her best friend all on her own. I love my job.

When Pamela...I mean Pamo sees my camera come out she automatically starts making different kind of faces. For instance, this is our sad face. Usually she doesn't let me be in the picture but on Friday she asked to sit on my lap and for me to make the faces too. After each picture I took she told me to turn my camera around so she could make sure the picture was a good one. We had some good ones that I just had to share because let's face it, this girl is my best friend and I have to post pictures of my best friend. :)

This is our angry face. Pamo is actually extremely good at making the angry faces. When she is angry she'll fold her arms and tell me in a very direct manner, "camille, I'm mad." It's so cute and funny that I have a hard time not laughing while she is infact feeling angry.

Our silly faces. Very silly if you ask me.

Our happy faces. And just when I thought we were done making all the faces we could and had taken all the pictures that Pamo had the attention span for (cuz let's be honest, it took more than just a couple pictures to actually get these keepsakes), Pamo swings her precious little arm around me and says 'Camille, I love you.' And then I quickly swing my camera back up and snap a shot. I think I will treasure this picture for the rest of my life. I love my job. For those of you who don't spend any time with children-you're totally missing out.

Pamo, even though you can't read and have no idea what a blog is, I want you and everyone else to know that you're my best friend and that I love you. :D

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to TRAVIS!

Travis's birthday was on Tuesday and even though he had to go to school all day and study for school all night, I still managed to brighten his day with a great gift-a watch. Here are some fun pics that I took. The one of him holding the TIMEX box was actually me thinking that I was taking a picture of him holding the watch. After I realized it was just the box I couldn't believe how excited he was to see a gray box, he was just like a little kid.

We plan on going out to celebrate both of our birthdays this Friday night and then I have an exciting surprise for Travis on Saturday! But I can't tell just in case he actually happens to read this blog before then. So I'll tell you on Sunday how it went. Happy birthday Trav! I love you!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter 08

I know Easter is very much over but I just got this picture and I love it! I mean honestly, how cute are these girls! For those of you that noticed they are twins, Makenna is the one on the left and Madison is the one on the right. They look much more alike in person then they do in this picture. I have a couple of different ways of keeping them apart. I believe they're just over two years old.
These two girls are in my nursery class and I look forward to seeing them every week. They call me "Sister Dimond" but the way they say 'Dimond' makes me smile every time. Their Mom told me a story that I have to share. One night they were singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and when they got to the part that says, 'like a diamond in the sky', Makenna said, 'Dimond not in the sky, Dimond's at home.' I love it! They love me, what can I say. :)
Well their Mom invited us over for dinner on Easter Sunday and we had so much fun with them, them being the whole family. These two girls also have an older sister and a younger brother (he is also in my nursery class). So they have a very young family that is incredibly entertaining. We played with puzzles, sang some songs, played house, played with balls, ate dinner, and a ton of Easter candy! About every two minutes one of the twins would come up to where I was sitting and would say, 'open this Dimond' as they would hand me yet another Easter egg full of sugar! So cute. They make my dinner every Sunday, I love my calling as nursery leader!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

You know it seems to be that as you get older that you don't really care much about it being your birthday. But this year when I woke up I practically popped out of bed and ran into the room Travis was in and said, 'it's my birthday'. I was so excited that it was my birthday for some reason. Totally crazy but the good attitude made the day even better. I went to work and my kids sang Happy Birthday to me numerous times and Shawn kept telling me, 'Happy Birthday Camille'. It was like whenever he remembered it was my birthday, he told me. He also me Happy Birthday a lot the next day too. I tried to explain but I think it went over his head, maybe next year.
As you can see in these pictures Travis surprised me with a huge tub of popcorn!
Not just popcorn but the tub, you know, the red and white ones that you would get at the circus or something. There was popcorn candy and movies in there too! My husband loves me.

A couple days before my birthday our PO Box was overflowing with packages and cards from my family and friends from Utah! It was so much great to think that just cuz I'm two thousand miles away from
home that my cute family still manages to send me great stuff! I got cute cards from my kids in the nursery class and from family all around. I got 29 new emails-I love having the internet. Thank you so much for all of your love and for not forgetting about me-it made my day!
Travis and I went to DQ yesterday for ice cream and we'll be going to a new resturant this weekend that we've been anxious to try but have been waiting for an event so we could have an excuse to go!
Well that's all for now, there will be more to come next week--pictures from Travis'
birthday (which is on Tuesday so everyone call or email).

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Good

I feel no good. My head feels like it's about to explode and my stomach just doesn't seem to feel right. This morning I couldn't decide to call off from work or not-I didn't. Anyone have any suggestions to make me feel better? Well I hope no one feels this way cuz it's stinks! Hopefully I'll write something more uplifting tomorrow cuz I'll feel better. :)