Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My to do list looked little like this today:
-get oil changed in Honda
-stop at Office Max
-clean bathrooms
-find missing pictures
-complete two scrapbook layouts
-call visiting teaching girls

However, because of this little guy with an upset stomach-those plans went to the pits. I did get the oil changed and I still stop at Office Max but that's as far as I got. Lunch came around and this little guy snuggled right up to me and now I just can't seem to get anything else done. So I am watching one of my favorite movies-Empire Records, and wasting time on the computer. Anyone know any good sites to check out?? Well, even though I'm not getting anything done, at least I'm getting some major snuggle time in with Maestro! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and last but not least-a celebration

My cute niece, Avary, has a birthday this week and since Travis' brother, Trevor and Shawni, were in town we had a celebration for her over the weekend. They all came over to our apartment and we were finally able to try out the swimming pool! Which was great since it was 104 degrees out that day! Yikes! We all had such a great time... Okay well not all of us-Easton was not a fan-

Travis and I came across the perfect gift for Avary months ago when we saw a camera that was not only child size but child proof! Avary loves to use my camera to take pictures and so when we saw it on the self we automatically thought of her.

Thanks to this guy, Atkin, who also loves to take pictures with my camera-I got pictures of everyone that night and I didn't even have to leave my seat! How great, right?

Trevor and Shawni

and Jamie.

Unforutnately the other 53 pictures that Atkin took were all blurry, he's making progress though. Happy Birthday on Thursday Avary!

best friends

Meet Charlie-she's a Yorke and she belongs to our neighbors that live above us.

Cute, right? We aboslutely love her, especially Maestro. He thinks she's the bees-knees. When I went to Bear Lake they watched over Maestro for us while Travis was at work. Ever since we've been trying to repay the favor by watching Charlie whenever they go out for a long period of time. Since then we've been watching each other's dogs for one another and it's been so great! Maestro just adores Charlie. They play together really well and that's all they do together, play and play and play.

Although one time when I watching her they did actually take a nap. Lucky for Charlie Maestro was willing to share his bed with her-I thik they're just too cute!

Speaking of-

My super cute nephew, I got this awesome video of him last week. My mom, sister, Rebecca, and I were scrapbooking at her house and between the two of us we got him giggling pretty good! Which is awesome because it was his first giggles! It was so cute! I kept thinking to myself, 'I should get my camera' but I thought for sure by the time I got up to get my camera out he would be done. By the second time I told myself that I decided to get up and get it. Lucky for me I caught the tail end of him giggling just before he puked all over my sister! Unforutnatley I didn't get that part but the first 30 seconds of this video are pretty cute. Enjoy!

what i missed-

I've been meaning to blog...really, I have. Unfortunately I can't use the excuse that I've been really busy because we all know that I'm home all day long so no excuses for Camille. I don't know what the reason is but here I am to inform you on what I've missed. A couple of weeks ago my Mom, sisters, and I went up to Bear Lake for a couple of days. We had a really great swimming, playing in the lake, playing games, watching movies, and chatting up a storm without our husbands-it was great. Oh, and playing with my nephew Carter. He is getting so big and so much fun. You really have to work some times to get him to smile but when he does it is so much fun. He had a great time. Here's a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)Thanks to Carter waking up so early in the morning Rebecca was able to get this awesome shot of the sunrise!This is what a seven month pregnant woman looks like in her swimming suit-thank goodness I kept the towel on! :)This was Carter's first time in the water and I think he had a pretty good time. He didn't last a long time but he sure did look cute in his little trunks! Can't wait till I can do this with my little guy next summer! By the end of the vacation I have take 347 pictures and about 20 of those pictures were not of Carter. I had such a hard time deleting some of them but let's face it, you only need so many pictures of them making the same face, right? If only it weren't so cute! Anyway, these pictures here were by far my favorite of Carter. Oh, and he's 3 months old now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

music overload

So being home every day-all day long can some times be a tricky thing. It gets so quiet and you can only have the tv for so long before it gets old (if only they still played music videos all day). I have been listening to cd's and music on my computer for weeks and weeks and I gotta say-it's gettin' old. I've even been listening to stuff that I listened to back in middle school and while it was fun to reminisce singing along with lyrics, you can only listen to it so much. I actually got so desperate for new noise that I would listen to the music on people's blogs. So those of you that have music on your blogs-thanks. But once again, it only lasts for so long.

Yesterday I had to make a stop at the "fye Super Store" to find a movie that niether Target or Walmart had and I gotta say, this store was awesome. With movies, music, books, video games-all either new or used-I could have spend the whole day in this store. I was there for a good 45 minutes and I had only gone down three asiles of their cd section and I already had six cd's in my hands!

I love not only getting my hands on new music but I really do enjoy buying cd's. I know you can get any song online for a cheap price but I have always enjoyed picking out a cd that I've wanted and listening to every song. Growing up I was that teenager that would just sit on their bed and listen to music. I love hearing the other songs they don't play on the radio, learning new lyrics, and flipping through the little booklets they have on the front cover. Apparently this desire has not changed because I ended up buying six new cd's. Thanks to those who owned these before and took such good care of them because I got these for a cheap price because of this bright orange sticker-

Hooray for new music! This should definitely help me out for the next couple of weeks or so. But until my next stop back at fye I need some suggestions! What are some of your favorite albums? I was standing in the asile trying to think of music I've been wanting and which albums were the best, etc. So help me out, who are favorites and which albums are your favorites? This store had a ton! And it was so fun flipping through all of the cases. If you're a music lover and still enjoy buying music the old fashioned way, I strongly suggest this store-fye. There's one in Orem off of University Parkway and I believe there's also one in the South Towne Mall. Thanks!

what time-outs look like for canines

I love Maestro, I truly do. He is so much fun to play with, to take out for walks, and to snuggle with in the mornings. But recently he has been spending some of his time all on his own-

I don't know what his deal is because the behavior has never been this extreme before but I keep telling myself that if I'm consistent that he will figure it out and get a clue. Here he is sitting in the bathroom, waiting very patiently for his punishment to be over-It totally breaks my heart that I have to do this and now it seems like I'm doing it twice a day! I hope he catches on quick because I hate putting him in there. Although he sure is cute the way he sits and waits so patiently. If anyone has any suggestions as to something better and more constructive to do I am all ears!

Ode to Oma

Travis' parents have been in town for a job opporutnity and decided to take full advantage of the time here in Utah (with all of their children being out here but one) and decided to stay for two weeks. We have had numerous dinners, ice cream nights, walks, movies, and hang outs to spend time together before we had to say goodbye for another five months (or whatever the time frame may be). Generally when we do family things together I am very good at taking pictures but in the past two weeks I took one picture. Just one-
I do love this picture though. It's a good picture that shows just how great Lynea, Grandma ("Oma"), really is. She is always ready with some kind of distraction tatic to help the kids carry on without throwing a fuss or getting into trouble. For example, this picture here, was just before Atkin was about to throw a huge tantrum that I was about to roll my eyes at yet again at his unwillingness to breath and understand the things going on around him. And what does Oma do? She distracts him with the marvelous idea of him running down to get a book. He immediately stopped the tantrum and ran down and got his "favorite" book-The Giving Tree. The way these two shared this book was so priceless. Atkin would finish the sentence while Oma would continue to point to pictures and ask what was going on. So much fun. So I guess if I was only to take one picture-at least it was a good one. We love you Oma! Trav and I can't wait for you to have our kids to distract! :)