Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer-Month One

Summer is in full swing over here! Every day contains sunscreen and water from somewhere! Myra's new favorite past time is playing with the hose- 
She has a hard time letting it go, even when she's got the hose pouring directly over her head and down her face. It's so funny to watch because she can barely breath but refuses to let the hose go! Cason is such a good sport and waits his turn and even tries to play with Myra by trying to get her to spray him, she makes her giggle the entire time-
 When she finally gives up the hose Cason's all over it!
 This shot makes me laugh every time, such a goof-
 The slip-n-slide is another favorite. Myra mostly enjoys playing with the water that shoots up,
 But Travis will help her go down a couple times-
 This is of course Cason's favorite! He'd run and slide down on his knees, bum, back, belly, side, you name it and he's probably tried it! His ultimate favorite though is when Trav gave him a huge push from his ankles and sent him flying down!! 
 Everyone needs to stop for the occasional drink, right?
 And the splash pad! We're blessed enough to have one just a couple blocks from us and it's a hot spot! And you can only imagine how shocked I was when Myra just walked away from me and walked around all by herself for a good 20 minutes! 
It was so much fun watching them having such a good a time!
 Once her floppy hat got wet it then it was really floppy and kept getting in her face. She's grab the flap that was over her eyes and lift it up so she could see where she was going and then put it back down and be off to running again! It was pretty adorable-

 And last but not least, this little bucket! When the hose comes out one of them finds this black bin and fills it with water. Cason barely fits in it but still spends 10 minutes in it doing...I'm not sure what. Then Myra hops in and splashes and plays for another 10 minutes. They loves this black bin, I love this black bin!!

Happy Summer!! On to month 2!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictures that couldn't go un-posted!!

I realized that I'm way too behind on my blog to ever really 'catch up' which I'm really okay with but as I was looking through pictures that I missed I was bummed because it's such a good picture so this will be a picture overloaded post of pictures that I just can't forget about! Enjoy! :)

This is at Neptune Park in Saratoga, this pyramid is 30-feet high and Cason climbed ALL the way to the top! He's the little guy in the front with the yellow shirt and orange hat, notice how he's the only little boy up that high! He has no fear and yes, it freaks me out! Oh, and he climbed down all by himself too! 
 Myra eating her very own ice cream cone on my birthday, needless to say she enjoyed the celebrating part-
 We bought Myra the smallest helmet we could so she could start going on bike rides with us and man she looks so adorable in it! And she loves wearing it! She cries whenever I take it off-
 Myra playing at the airport on the way to Arizona to visit Auntie Nicole-
 In the sweetest little swim suit! She played with the bows on her hips more than she did in the water-
 In AZ basking in the sun...with Myra's sunglasses-
 Cason has been getting a hold of the camera lately and taking large amounts of pictures, so funny! And of course on the few days that I decide to lay low and wearing no makeup I hear, 'hey Mom-' and I turned around and see snap, snap, snap-
 But to my amazement they actually turned out pretty cute-
 Thanks Cas! Next time let's try when Mommy is having a cute day!
 At my parents house playing with EVERYTHING in sight! Absolutely love this shot-
 Celebrating Nana's birthday with chocolate cake!
 Cason at the end of the school year with his teacher Miss Katie and Miss Jenn! I can't thank these amazing women enough for doing what they do and for accepting Cason a year early! You are ladies are my hero!
 Carnival came to town-
 Cason loved riding all of the rides but really wanted to ride the ferris wheel. We had to wait in line forever but it was worth it to see the smile on your face and get some awesome shots-
 And last but not least, Myra on her favorite summer past time, the swing-

Monday, June 17, 2013


Do you ever feel like you're drowning in...everything. In your to-do list. In your shopping list. In the to-do list in your head that you don't even have time to write down. In the things that you've been dying to do and are just waiting for things to 'calm down' so you can just think about doing them. Am I the only one that is constantly feeling this way? I'm always catching myself wishing for a day, just one day that I can have free all to myself so I can play catch-up. But let's be honest, a day? That would be a marvelous start but I don't think it would get me to where I want to be.
  There are so many hours in one day, how can I feel this way? Am I really wasting away so much time that I'm not even noticing where all of my time is going? I know all about time management. I know that you should schedule time for things and have everything planned out, all the little boxes filled in. I get it. It's a marvelous idea, I've done it a number of times. And it always looks good on paper but paper can't compensate for cranky, teething babies, or my 3-year old begging me to just do nothing but play cars and focus all of my attention on him. And I do those things. I put everything down for Myra and Cason. I really enjoy playing with them. I don't want to constantly be cleaning and running errands when I can be home or out and about with them making memories. Know what I mean? I try to spend time in all areas of my life. But I almost feel like I'm spread so thin that there's not a lot of left of me by the end of the day.
  But then how do I stay on top of it all? How do I do everything I want to do and still be the mother I want to be? Maybe that's just it...maybe you can't have both. Maybe that's just one of the amazing things that make mothers so amazing? I know mothers are constantly making sacrifices for their children, maybe this is one of those things? She sacrifices all of her time and being able to do everything she needs and wants to do.
  Eh. I dunno. I'm probably just rambling at this point but I hate this feeling of being constantly behind on everything. House work. Work work. Things I really want to do. Being the type of friend I want to be...everything! The list is so long. Do you feel this way? What do you do to help stay on top of things? Maybe there's a tip out there that I'm missing, that I need to be doing? I'd love some help on this one! Maybe there's a magical drink that could slow down time and give me an extra 5 hours a day? Or maybe a pill that can freeze frame every 7 days just to give me one. Wow! Wouldn't that be amazing?! Do you ever find yourself wishing that you didn't need to sleep for 7 hours every night? I so wish I could operate off of 4 hours of rest. Just think that would be give me an extra 3 hours a night! 21 hours a week! Almost an extra full day! Man, when I say that my mind races of all of the things I could get done in 21 hours all to myself!! Whoa, doesn't that just make your mind go crazy?! Does anybody else every wish or hope for crazy things like this? Haha, maybe I should just get back to cleaning the bathroom while the kidlets are still passed out.
  Thanks for listening :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Princess Myra is one!

Our sweet baby girl had her first birthday in March 17-

 Since she's our St. Patty baby we decided to go with a rainbow theme-
We invited the whole family and all of our friends! It was such a good time passing around our sweet Princess that believe it or not wore this little crown practically the whole time!

 I made this adorable little baby for her! Yellow cake, chocolate frosting, with a cute rainbow and clouds on top. I was so excited for her to tear into it and made a mess!

She apparently really is our little princess though because she barely touched it! I dunno if she was intimated by it, afraid of it, or what because I loves cake! So I dunno what it was about that particular day but we were all pretty bummed that there wasn't more of a show.
She had so much fun opening gifts and ripping all of the paper-
 She got this awesome wagon from her Nana and Papa. A lot of stuffed animals, puzzles, and other fun toys!
 A new baby and a tiny stroller. She loved pushing it but we had to be sure someone was with her otherwise she'd fall right on her face because the stroller is so light. She loves it though. Here's Papa helping her-
 Cannot believe our sweet baby girl is one already! So, so crazy! Happy Birthday Miss Myra!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

March 9, 2013

It's not a significant date really, I just didn't know what else to title this post :) Although now that I look back at these pictures I remember that is a chilly day but we were so desperate to get out of the house that we bundled up and went outside anyway! Thankfully we had some sunshine because Myra and Cason were aching to get out on the playground. I swear this girl could swing all day if my legs didn't cramp up after 5 minutes of this-
 This little boy has no fear. He gets this teeter-tooter swinging and doesn't stop! Even when we feel like he's going to tip the whole playground! Absolutely love this shot-
 This sweet girl was on the move! She was incredibly wobbly without a hand but that sure didn't stop her-
 Cason asks me every day if he can climb our trees! As soon as his legs are long enough I'm pretty sure he might live up there!
 She stopped and inspected every stick and leaf! Next year she'll be collecting them!
It's fun to reminisce isn't it??

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mini Flashback

These pictures are kinda old but as I was going through pictures on my computer I thought they were too cute to skip so I'm going to add them any way! :) These were Myra's first year pictures that we got done at Fotofly in Draper. I highly recommend them if you're lookin' for a place to take your family.
 These first pictures turned out so great! I was worried that Myra would be clingy and wouldn't let me put her down but for the first backdrop she did great! She was laughing and giggling and had everyone Ooo-ing and Ahh-ing.
When we were ready to move to another spot I told the photographer that since she's starting to walk that I wanted to try to get some walking pictures. So we moved to the next spot and instead of me putting her down I could feel her gripping tighter! Her legs, her hands, her everything! I could not let her go! We tried everything and it all ended up in this-tears!
We got lucky with a couple other shots but none of them were of her walking, standing, or even smiling really. And I was next to her in all of them and the photographer kept them close enough that I obviously wasn't in them. *sigh* Thank heavens the first shots turned out so adorable!

 This was her last shot and it brings tears to my eyes every time. Love my sweet little girl...even if she did stress us all out for thirty minutes! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Look Ma, no hands!

As a Mom I say it over and over again, they grow up so fast! Pretty sure I said it just the other day as Myra stood up with no hands and then took six steps before she toppled over! Seriously, my baby, walking? Pretty sure I just brought her home from the hospital! But nope, sure enough it's been 11 months since that day came and gone. Now we're just 3 months away from that 12 month mark! 3 weeks from her own cake and ice cream, 3 weeks from her first big celebration, 3 weeks from no longer being my baby...3 weeks away from a lot of change! 
 Since Myra started taking all of those sweet little baby steps I have been trying desperately to get a picture of her standing on her own. Problem is she's either holding onto me so she's too close to take a good shot-
 Or, she's moving so much it's all just a bunch of fuzz-
 or she's got something' in her mouth! This one isn't too bad, she is clearly on her own two feet with no hands! Seriously, they grow up so fast (couldn't help it, it had to be said)-
 Other day I was giving Myra a bath and combing her hair and was realizing how long it was...long enough for maybe even little ponies? It took me some time to get them in but sure enough her hair is definitely long enough for ponies-

Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of her with the ponies in's mission!