Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Temple Square Beauty

LAST weekend (I know, I can never seem to stay on top of it) we went to see the lights at Temple Square. I thought it would be so fun to walk around and see the lights, the temple in all it's glory, and to have some extra time with family. Turns though it was kind of a chaotic mess. Cason was so uncomfortable in his hundreds of layers that it was just one thing after another. Yes to gloves, no to gloves, yes to hat, no to hat, needs a snack but can't eat a snack because his fingers are cold, wants the light, drops the light, needs a blanket, won't wear the blanket, and on and so forth...oye. It was exhausting. The lights were beautiful and Cason absolutely loved seeing the temple but it was stressful. When we got in the car to go home Trav and I both had huge headaches and were wondering if it was worth it all. Guess we'll see when and if we decide to go next year. BUT, I did score a couple good pictures-

Actually my sister got this one for me-And this shot is traditional for me and Trav- I totally love that we're both wearing beaniesLove this shot I scored, beauty-

If you went to see the lights this year I hope you had better luck than we did. And if you haven't yet, good luck!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How important is dinner really??

Cason is finally at that age where dinner is a nightmare!! I don't doubt that all Mom's go through this but what do I do? He just turned two, I don't know if he understands, 'you have to eat your dinner and then you can have a treat.' And is cheese considered a treat? Or an extra piece of bread? I mean, at least he's eating, right? But then he never eats the main dish, is that a big deal? Do I continue being strict and tough on him hoping that he'll eventually catch on? Do I stress myself out making him take more bites so that he can have more bread? Is it worth the fight? Should I wait until he gets a little older till I know he understands? Say three, maybe?
Every night I walk away from dinner with a massive headache because it's such a fight and I don't know if I can do it anymore. I don't know if it's even necessary that I do it anymore. I want my kid to eat what he needs to to grow strong and big and I want him to develop good habits while he's young so that it's not an even bigger issue later but is it worth it right now? Do I keep making him go to bed with only two bites of dinner because he didn't eat the main course? Or should I be more flexible and let him eat what he wants as long as it's the good stuff, like cheese, applesauce, yogurt, or bread? Help! What do I do??