Monday, May 26, 2008

A Sad Story to Tell

The weirdest thing happened when I was in DC with my family. We were at the Library of Congress when I was taking numerous pictures of the building and all the fancy pictures. I wanted to see what the last few I had taken looked like so I flip the switch to look at the pictures and realized that something had gone terribly wrong, it was only showing four pictures of the Library of Congress. I thought to myself, that can't be right. I knew I had taken more. I looked at the next group of pictures before those and it was showing pictures that Travis and I had taken at an end-of-the-year BBQ with his friends in school back from the very beginning of May! That was definitely not right because since then we have taken pictures of, our move, our trip to NY, a wedding in MN, and all the pictures that I had taken thus far in PA with my family. But they weren't there. How odd. I start having a mini panic attack as I'm telling this to my older sister, Rebecca who is standing right next to me. I turn my camera off, turn it on, take another picutre, go to check it out, and I find out the group of pictures from that BBQ I just told you about were gone! Magically disappeared! I couldn't believe it. All of my memories....gone. How sad. I start to panic but then realize that deep down inside of me somewhere I'm smart because generally after a vacation or after we take a big group of pictures I upload them on my computer (mostly because I have nothing else to do with my time though). So I remember that I have our move and our trip to NY on my computer. *PHEW!* I am a little bit relieved. But then I remember about the wedding. The wedding!! Travis' older sister, Trisha, got married just last week and I have no pictures to share with you or with anyone. Trisha looked gorgeous! I took pictures of the St. Paul Temple, the reception, me and Travis, the whole wedding party, and the whole family! Gone! I have emailed my wonderful sister-in-laws to send me what they have because I need to have something from that memoriable day. And then I start to think of where my family and I have been and the pictures that I have taken...I start to remember and then I think-lost! They are lost. I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little bit. I was so sad to lose those pictures, those memories that it broke my heart. Luckily I wasn't the only one with a camera on that vacation.
So there are no pictures with this post because they have all mysteriously vanished somewhere in my memory card, I have no idea how. It really is the oddest thing. My brother-in-law is a wiz with anything relating to a computer so he took my memory card home with him and hopefully he can work his magic so I can those pictures back and a happy story to tell. But until then, a new memory card should do the trick. Travis and I already went out and bought a new one. I am so nervous to lose pictures now. So this is a reminder to everyone, if you don't do this already-when you go on a vacation or take a big group of pictures, upload them on your computer and then save them somewhere else or you could possibly lose your pictures, and then you will broken hearted! And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

All about New York

Travis and I had such a great time in New York. We really needed the vacation, not just to get a break from school and work but to just spend time with each other. It was so wonderful. We first went to Hill Cumorah. We traveled the long way up the hill but we made it to the top anyway.
While we were Hill Cumorah we stopped at the visitor center, which is huge by the way for those of you who haven't seen it yet, and they had the Dead Sea Scrolls there. It was very cool. Travis was excited and I was looking forward to learning about them. I didn't really know too much about them before. For those of you who don't know about them they were found in clay pots in caves by the Dead Sea. How random huh? It was cool. Now since we no longer live so close to the temple we take advantage of going whenever we are close and since we were right in Palmyra we went! It was beautiful! We really do miss living so close to the temple so for those of you who live so close-be grateful cuz we really do miss it.

We saw the Smith's cabin and the barn and all of their property, etc. Did you know they owned 100 acres of land? That seemed like so much to me. Talk about hard work. We also went to the Sacred Grove and took a walk. It was beautiful. Incredibly green. It was very peaceful too.
Here's some history on Travis for you for those of you who don't know. He was born in Utah but when he was eleven his family moved to Clarence, New York. So we stopped by for a visit. We saw his old house, went to the park where he used to play all the time, drove down the roads he used to ride his bike, stopped by his old schools. It was fun for him, there was a lot of reminiscing.

And then Niagara. Our last day and we drove up to see the falls. Aboslutely beautiful! We spent the whole afternoon walking around the whole falls area. It was so much fun, so relaxing. Oh, and for those of you who don't know who are going to be traveling soon if you want to go to the Canada side by next year you're gonna need a passport, until then you just need a birth certificate. We still had fun staying in New York though.

These next group of pictures are going to need some explaining. In the evening they turn on colorful lights on the falls which I had never seen before. So we went and got dinner at this absolutely horrible India food place because there wasn't a McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, or anything normal hanging around. We got to the falls early, 8:40 and we heard the lights didn't turn on until 9:00 so we messed around for a little while. We had a good time. The other tourists around us were a little confused but we were having a good time.

Good times! Anyway, when the lights turned on they started off white and we were not impressed. But then they started adding some colors, we saw pink/red, yellow, orange, green, even a little blue. It was pretty cool to watch. Now I can say I've seen the falls in color.
And that was our little vacation. We had such a good time spending so much time together and learning more about the history of the church and seeing more sites that this world has to offer. But lucky us, not only did we get one vacation, we get another! Travis' older sister, Trisha, is getting married next week so on Tuesday we are flying off to Minnesota! Travis is more excited than I can tell you about! We are really looking forward to spending time with his family, and of course seeing Trisha get married! We are so excited for her! We can't wait to see her and Andrew get married! So anyway, we're off again. So exciting! I love vacations! Oh! And this post took me forever so everyone better comment on how great our pictures are and this post is! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not once but twice!

Travis suggested that since his life isn't being taken up with books and studying that we start up trying to do fhe again. So last night we had a first fhe in about....well, let's not count cuz then I'll feel bad, let's just say in awhile. For our activity we decided to go minature golfing and it was a lot of fun. The most amazing thing happened though, not only did I get a hole in one once-but TWICE!! How amazing! This picture was taken on the second time and needless to say, I was very excited. I still lost the game by eight strokes but it was a pretty cool moment to get a hole in one-twice. I celebrated with a little dance all the way down the green to the hole to get my back. On the second hole I did a little jump turn deal and this was how I landed. Pretty sweet. It was a fun night. After the game we went to a delightful ice cream place right next door and it was very tasty. I am grateful we had fhe last night, hopefully we'll be better at keeping up with it.
Well tomorrow we're headed to New York! We're goin' to Palmyra to see some church history stuff and the temple-I can't wait! I miss the temple being fourty minutes away! And then we're also going to Niagara! It's goin' be great! I can't wait to go, I need a vacation! Talk to ya next week!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Dimond's are moving-

It's what we do. This is the FOURTH apartment that Travis and I will be living in since we've been married (which is only two years and five months). But it is necesary. The rent in the place we just moved from was raised by four hundred dollars and let's face it, we could barely afford it where it was. Lucky for us though we were already planning on moving in a new place in the next town over. A friend in Travis' classes moved back home to do her rotations so after talking to her land lord we learned that we could just move in when she moved out so that's what we've been doing since Thursday. And you know it actually looks like we have a place now. But since there's still stuff that needs to be unpacked and a home you only get two pictures of all of our stuff! Thankfully it's not all of our stuff or else these pictures would need to be bigger. Hopefully our next blog will be of our new place. Until then, we're doing good and we are loving our new place!