Saturday, February 23, 2008

Every day-I smile

*Deep sigh* I am I thought I would tell you about the week I had a couple of weeks ago. I had something great to laugh about or make me feel wonderful each day of the week while I was at work. Every day I had something to make me smile so I thought I’d share.
On Sunday I had painted my nails bright pink, just for fun and when I went into work I showed them off to my kids. I asked what color they were and so forth. I showed one particular little boy and when he looked at them his eyes widened and he took in a deep breath and said, “WOW!” I think he was impressed as much as I was because let’s face it, I never paint my nails not to mention they were pink!
We have a plethora of musical instruments for our kids to “discover” and most of the time the kids just make noise with them or use them for other types of playing. On Tuesday one little boy was playing the tambourine and you could tell that he didn’t quite know what to do with it. Before I decided to jump in and show him what it was meant for I decided to watch and see what he would do with it. He looked at it from all sides and then he proudly put it on top of his head, rose up both of his arms and exclaimed, “I am the King!” He’s TWO!! Too funny.
During nap time on Wednesday I was trying to clean up my room a little bit and there was a box of shoe boxes sitting on a shelf that had been there for days that I was tired of seeing. So I decided to take it out of my room and put it somewhere else for the time being. The box was large and when I picked it up I couldn’t see over it at all so thankfully it was light. As I was walking through my room and trying not to step on any of my kids, because they were on the floor napping, I hear a little voice say, “Be careful Camille-be careful.” Just when I thought everyone was sleeping I had one of my little boys watching over me (the same little boy who liked my fingernail painting job).
I have a couple of kids in my class who have siblings in other rooms and towards the end of the day when the kids are restless and just want to see Mom I treat them with a walk up to their siblings classrooms so they can see a friendly face. Well not all of my kids are so lucky to have a sibling so when they see other kids leave the room to say hi to a brother or sister; they get a little jealous and want to go visit someone too. After a long discussion about brothers and sisters in my class on Thursday a little boy (who is an only child and adopted) told me “I’m gonna have a brother. *pause* Mom and Dad are so excited.” I couldn’t believe it! Is mom pregnant? Have Mom and Dad been telling this little boy that he was getting a brother? Or had this little boy just heard the word ‘brother’ too much and made up a fun little story…only time will tell.
And my Friday story I have already told in my last post, where the little boy wanted to stay at “daycare” and play with me. It all makes my heart melt! I say it all the time and I will just continue to do so, I have the best job. Every day these kids give me hugs and kisses, cry on my shoulder, play with me like I am their best friend, call me ‘mom’ by mistake, want no other teacher but me, and it all melts my heart and makes me wish that I had one of my very own….or a couple. ;)
OH! And the picture is of me, honestly, how could you not tell? Monet drew it just for me a year or so ago (from my last job in Cedar City), she was six at the time. I think she's gonna be an artist when she grows up.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today in my class we had a Valentine's Day party which really just
translates into the kids eating a lot of food which ends up being
complete and total chaos. After the eating portion of the "party" we had all the kids sit at the table with their boxes for their valentines and we started the kids passing out their valentines to one another. Before I know it I've got kids ripping off the stuff on their box, taking other kids valentines and I even had one kid who sucking on a sucker through the wrapper because couldn't get the wrapper off! Totally crazy. By my break at 11:30 I had a huge headache and I had never been happier to see all of my kids taking naps! It was a wonderful sight to behold.
So just when I think my class is totally crazy and I thought I couldn't take it anymore a father comes to pick up one of his boys early because his other son in another classroom had a temp. My other teachers tried to wake him up but he wasn't responding much. So I went over to him to talk to him and he not only didn't believe me that his dad was here to pick him up, but he didn't want to leave! He clung to my leg and would not let go! I told him that he gets to go home to play with his mom and dad and his brother and he said, 'no, I wanna stay and play with you.' I reminded him that he will be coming back tomorrow and that we could play together then. His reply was, 'No, I wanna play with you now.' It was so cute and it totally melted my heart. I felt bad for dad because he seemed totally embarrassed by the fact that his own son didn't wanna go with him but man, it sure did make me feel good!
Travis had school late tonight so when I got home I did the little things around the house to help keep me busy. Then I heard the keys in the door, the door open, and to my surprise he walked through the door with this! So beautiful! It's just one flower but it's a whole pot of flowers that should (and hopefully will) grow into many!! How wonderful! Not only did he give me flowers but he gave me flowers that are supposed to keep growing and growing! I love it! I don't care what any woman says, flowers are the best gift ever! I would forgive anyone that gave me flowers.

So this kind of turned into a random post but that's okay. I mostly just wanted to tell everyone about my day and tell everyone that I hope they had a good Valentine's Day, whether they had someone to spend it with or not. I

love you all and those that I never get to see anymore, I
definitely miss you! -camille

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We've got FISH!

It looks good to have something "living" (such as a plant or some sort of animal) in our classroom and so we decided to get some fish! I told the girl that was going to go out and get them to get anything but goldfish (mostly cuz I thought they'd be boring) and what does she come back with? THREE gold fish! Oh well. When I first saw them I fall in love with them so it all worked out. My kids love them too! One of the fish is extremely bigger than the other two so I wanted to name him McFatty but didn't want to be responsible for teaching the kids a bad word so we went with Big Goldy instead. The smallest one is Pete and one of my two teachers thought we should have a girl name for the third fish so my other teacher said, 'How about Mrs. Magillacutty?' I'm not even sure if I spelled that right so just sound it out just like I spelled it because that's how I tried to spell it. So anyway, that's the name of our third fish, I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't be able to remember her name because it was so long and so odd. And I have forgotten her name numerous times but lucky enough for me I have really smart kids because believe it or not the kids actually remember her name better than I do! I always have to think about it for a minute and before I know it the kids are saying 'Mrs. Magillacutty'! It's so cute too because only some of the pronunciation sounds come out. And can you even believe this is actually the closest I've ever come to having my own fish! Maybe if I can keep these guys alive I can get a dog soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

10 Randon Things About Me

Danielle' tagged me to do this so now I'm tagging Stephanie, Julianna, and Kathryn to do the same! HA! This was actually pretty hard for me to do but I think I came up with a couple of good ones-

1-I have never had a pet in my whole life. It really is sad, I've been deprived of what it's like to have a pet around. Travis is hoping to remedy this some day, hopefully in a couple of years.
2-I love to write. Nothing specific like short stories or anything like that, I just enjoy writing.
3-I love to organize things, I could spend hours organizing and reorganizing anything-the bathroom, the bedroom, our movies, anything. My scrapbook stuff is probably my favorite but that's probably just cuz there's more stuff to move around. Oh, I also love to buy things to help me stay organized.
4-I love to buy school supplies, especially in August, even though I’m not in school anymore. I love buying new pens, notebooks, calendars, even things I never use-like highlighters and erasers.
5-Travis would be proud of me admitting this out loud but I’m the person who licks their spoon, dips it in the bowl of sugar, and then licks it again…and again.
6-If it was socially acceptable I’d fall asleep at nine every night.
7-I’m a closet popcorn addict.
8-The car I have now is the first car I’ve ever had-which is sad cuz we haven’t even had it for a year yet.
9-I HAVE to cereal every morning for breakfast. If I don’t then my day seems incomplete.
10-I love to wear tall socks, the ones that go all the way to my knee are my favorite.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Beautiful Sunday Drive

Actually I was really just driving to church but it was so beautiful out so I just HAD to take some pictures. Over the weekend we had an ice storm here which consists of freezing rain and a lot of sleet. It took a lot longer to get to work on Friday and only about half of our staff and our kids showed up (it made for a quiet day). Well the ice and the rain froze on the trees and it made them look gorgeous! I've been wanting to pull over on the freeway and take pictures but since that's not safe this morning as I was driving to church I pulled out my phone and took some pictures, they aren't perfect and they're a little fuzzy but they are better than nothing. I also had to pull out my sunglasses today because the sun was shining so brightly, it was a beautiful day! On my way home from church the therometer in my car said it was 39 degrees outside and all that ice and rain frozen on the trees? Gone! So I'm glad that I took advantage of being able to take some pictures.
I love how it's always beautiful here. The trees aren't green and some days are dark and dreary but some how it still always seems to be so beautiful. I miss home but I love it here.