Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Summer!

 We are so excited that summer is here! And now that it's so warm and beautiful outside 24/7 I often find Cason in positions like this-
 And this (and in case you were wondering he's looking at bugs)-
 Notice he's still wearing the winter boots, he's having a hard time letting them go-
 This sweet girl is excited for warm weather, even if she doesn't know it. I love that I can leave her little toes stick out and not worry about them getting cold. Can't wait till it's warm enough to have her in little dresses-
 Yep, definitely ready for summer!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A re-do

So between getting ready for church and getting ready for Myra's luncheon for her blessing I, unfortunately, missed a lot of picture opportunities. But fortunately I could redo these pictures of Myra in her dress. And I am so grateful I did too because let's face it, they are adorable-
 I wanted to get a close up of her bow/handband but couldn't cut off her adorable little face-
 Her bracelets-
 And her booties-
So adorable right? So glad I took them, even though it had been a week or two after her blessing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wishing you were here

For Myra's blessing Travis' parents were able to come out from Kansas! It was so good seeing them, seeing as we don't see them often. Cason loved having them here and they got to meet Myra!
As well as the newest cousin, Josie! Myra and Josie are just a month apart-
We had a picnic at the newest park in Saratoga. Everyone had a good time climbing the rope pyramid, we'll call it, including Trevor and Shawni-
Cason found this spot that fit his little bum perfectly. He climbed to it every time and camped out there-
We miss you already Oma and Papa! Don't stay away for too long-
A baby's joy is so contagious, isn't it?
You're smiling right now saying 'aw...', aren't you?
I knew it! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cason needs his own camera!

Last week Travis blessed this little sweet pea- 
Trav said she stared at him the whole time! She looked adorable in her little dress that my Mom had made (of course).
We had family come from Kansas and Arizona and friends to be here for the blessing. We felt so loved! It was a wonderful day of family, love, and the spirit. We sure do feel blessed!
Four generations here-My Grandma, my Mom, me, and Myra- 
Cason and I were playing in his room one day having lots of fun until he ran out to do who knows what. I waited patiently for him to come back....three minutes later he came back in with my camera up to his eyes saying 'cheeeese'. I looked at him and gave him a big cheeser and he just laughed. So I decided to show him how to take pictures-
Was this a mistake? Quite possibly. But it sure did give us a fun bonding moment. I got a lot of good laughs out of him by playing peek-a-boo-
 Making funny faces- 

 And just by being plain goofy (this one got the best and loudest laugh out of him)-
 For now though it's a fun memory and he got a lot of shots of me, which doesn't usually happen-
 He did manage to hand over the camera so I get a couple of both of us-
 Love you goofy boy-
 Later that day he fell asleep at the kitchen table, in the middle of lunch, an hour before his usual nap time-

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a new post!

Hooray, right? A new post! Although I'm thinking it's going to take me longer considering blogger has changed since my last post. Gr. I know they change things to keep things updated and moving forward but man does it drive me crazy to learn how to work everything again. Anyway, moving on!
   Things here are good, busy, a bit crazy. But things are good. Cason is still in love with Myra (thank heavens). He always wants to be right next to her- 

They're always hanging out together. Whether it's on the table eating or on the couch watching tv, he always wants to be right with her. It's sweet really. If she's ever crying he runs to her and asks 'what's wrong?' And then he'll say, 'it's okay'. Then he'll start patting her and saying 'shhhh'. It's adorable. He's definitely taking on the big brother protector role. And I am loving it!
He's already gotten her to smile! All he was doing was looking at her smiling and she was smiling away at him. I got lucky enough to have time to grab the camera and grab a couple of shots. I love that Myra seems to love Cason as much as he loves her.
Miss Myra sure is getting big. She'll be at two months at the end of the week! I'm not sure what she's weighing these days, 9.5lbs maybe? We'll see at her next appointment. Her belly is starting to stick out nicely though and her cheeks are filling in-
Her hair has thinned out and a bald spot is starting to appear. But everything on top seems to just be getting longer! She has slept through the night twice already, both nights were wonderful. She's eating like a champ! And starting to babble a bit. We are absolutely in love with her!
Next post: Myra's blessing and pictures from Cason! Get excited, he got some good ones :)