Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yeah for snow!

Do we finally have snow? Can it be? It snowed for longer than 30 minutes and actually stayed on the ground? Through the night? Haha!
I cannot believe it took till the middle of January for us to get snow that actually stayed on the grass for longer than 24 hours. Crazy. Cason stared out the window throughout the entire day that it snowed. And the next morning he was ready to go out with Trav to shovel the sidewalks. I can't tell you how adorable he looked in all his snow stuff. He loved being able to use his shovel for actual snow instead of sand. Thank you for snowing snow!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas is officially over

Today was the first weekend we had where it was nice and sunny and we weren't busy. Which meant we could finally take down our Christmas lights. It was sad. I hate when Christmas Day is over. Everyone is tired, all the yummy food is gone (or you're too stuffed to eat more of it), and everything is just over. I kept my tree up for a week after and I hated taking it down and putting everything away. Why do the holidays have to pass by so quickly?I miss them already and I miss my tree! Now that everything is put away and all the excitement of the holidays are over I finally have time to blog. And my blog is all Christmas-y! Oye. The clean up is never ending!

We had an awesome Christmas. My sister came into town so everyone from my family was here and ready to celebrate! We started the season off with celebrating our six-year anniversary! We went to Red Lobster (our favorite place) and then saw the new Sherlock Holmes (yes, it was awesome).We attended three family Christmas parties in one weekend! Both of them had a pinata, which Cason loved!Our very first 7.5' Christmas tree! Isn't she a beauty! It was huge! Covered the entire corner of the room (which we had to rearrange). But I loved it! Cason helped us cover the thing in ornaments and I did all the lights (yes, there were probably way too many). Yep, definitely miss the tree.Chrsitmas day was wonderful! We had our little Christmas at our house. This is Cason with his favorite toy, a stocking stuffer. A pez dispenser in the shape of a truck. He carried this around with him all day long! And still asks me all the time for his truck. If I would have known I wouldn't have spent the extra money on a huge buzz lightyear that he's hardly played with. Live and learn. After our Christmas we got all gussied up for church and I thought it would be a great time to take a family picture by the tree. I find it ironic that the practice picture came out just as great as the real one (how can that cheesier not make you smile)-Our family picture, still just as great...although I think my belly is taking up the whole picture of the tree. Good thing it was a big one.After all of that we spent the rest of the day up in Salt Lake. His other favorite toy, a scooter from his Nana and Papa. We ended up taking him and his cousin to the church so they could ride them around. They love them! We had lots of family time after the holiday since my sister was in town. This is my favorite picture from the whole week's worth of activities. Cason playing with the mic from Rock Band-New Years we spent with Travis' family. We over ate, played games, watched silly cartoons, and enjoyed fire works (from the window of course). It was one fabulous holiday after another!

Happy New Year!