Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new favorites

Now that Cason is getting older he seems to have graduated from baby toys and baby food and is ready for the next step. I can't believe how big he is getting and how much older he seems. Here's some of the new stuff he's been trying and loving lately:
Mashed potatoes! Loved 'em! Pushing the buttons on the tv. Now you see it-And now you don't-after he turns it off he'll look at me like: "ta-da! Okay, now fix it Mom"Rice, absolutely loved the rice!He loves this mesh little bag cuz it's filled with fruit. It makes a mess but it's the perfect treat to cool down with, not to mention ease some of the pain from his gums.Speaking of which, if you look close you might see his top two teeth pokin' through. The past week or so has been a little rough for him but they've finally cut through and are startin' to peek down, so adorable!He loves trucks! So I finally went to the store and got him this little one and he plays with it all the time. He'll hold it and move his arm back and forth, so cute!Cason will follow you around in the kitchen. If you open the pantry door he'll zoom towards it hoping to get to it before you close it. He also does this with drawers and of course, the fridge- I absolutely love that he's on his tip toes
Who knows what'll be next? I sure a'm excited to find out!

Happy One Month!

According to Cason's scrapbook, he's only one month old. Good thing that's not how it works. I don't know why it's taken me so long to get to this point...although probably having so many pictures probably had a little something to do with it...but I'm grateful I made it. Here a couple of layouts I've done recently. Enjoy! Let's hope it doesn't take me another ten months to do month two.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seven Peaks + season passes = a whole lotta fun!

This summer Cason and I got season passes to Seven Peaks and went at least once a week, it has been a lot of fun. Lucky for me Cason loves the water and never got tired going.

Last week Travis came with us for one last hurrah! We had a lot of fun. And thanks to my awesome husband he watched Cason for me so I could go on all of the "big kid slides". So much fun! Thanks Trav! You totally rock my world!

Cason loves the little kid area. He crawls all over and goes straight for the stairs and the water spraying everywhere. He seems to have n ofear seeing as how the tire swing is his favorite to crawl on-even when there are already kids playing on it.

The Lazy River has also been a favorite. Thanks to whoever invented this flotation device as it has been a huge help to me. I love swimming around in the lazy river while Cason just floats along the side of me. The wave pool is also a favorite. He crawls around until the water gets into his mouth and then he'll sit up and look at me like, 'Mom, I could use a hand here". Then he'll walk out as far as I'll let him. The waves will splash off his little belly and into his face and he'll still continue to walk out. Like I said, no fear. What a fantastic day!Over all I think Cason's favorite is snack time. While I dry off and get everything together Cason snuggles in a towel with a snack, really what could be better, right?Then every single time on our way back to the car I see his head start to bob as he falls asleep. He stays aslee from stroller to car seat to the crib, so sweet. Thank you Seven Peaks. You have been my saving grace this summer!
We hope to see you next summer!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Maestro Post

When we first got Maestro the breeder informed us to never cut his fur because it could ruin it because it could grow back differently-and not in a good way. Which is true because the fur on the right leg is different from the rest of his fur because of his past surgeries (and having to shave his leg). So because of this we've never taken him in to get him groomed. Well-no longer! I looked into it because every time I looked him all I saw was long, gross fur! So when I talked to the lady I made sure the groomer knew all about Maestro's breed so it wouldn't get cut too short. They went all out-bath, nails, cut, so wonderful. So here is Mr. Shag before his cut-

And when I picked him up, I was shocked! Look at how good he looks-So clean and so stinkin' adorable! I wish we would have done this at the beginning of the summer when it got hot but oh well, better late than never I guess. I think we'll stick with the shag for the winter to help keep him warm since he loves the snow so much and keep him short for the summer.
And since I just can't do a post without having a picture of Cason-
We had another rainy afternoon and Cason spent some time out on the porch watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder while Maestro hid under the swing...so funny.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tickets? Check! Suit? Check! Awesome hat? Double Check!

It's official, Travis and I are celebrating our five year anniversary on the sandy beach of Cancun Mexico! Woot Woot! I am so excited for numerous reasons but one of those is traveling out of the United States, simply because I have never done so. I got my passport a little while ago and was so excited I read all the writing on every little page. I. Can. not. wait! So to celebrate this sweet vacation I went out and bought myself this- I have always wanted a hat like this but figured I wouldn't get one till I was much much older. Well I saw it at the store and couldn't pass it up with this awesome vacation coming up. I was so excited I've been wearing it around the house all weekend (Cason and Maestro stared at me the whole time). The vacation isn't until January but we're both pretty excited!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My adorable boy and the rain

Last week we were really enjoying all the rain. We wore our comfy pants, turned off the ac, opened the windows, and watched the rain fall. It was so loud that it entertained Cason forever! He sat out on the porch and listened and watched it fall. I couldn't help but wonder what he thought about it-Also last week Cason fell in love with our mirror. He'd crawl straight to our bedroom and stare at himself-And then give himself a kiss-Cason's been trying all sorts of new foods. His favs are cherrios, cheese and all the mixed fruit. He's struggling with the new veggie's but who could blame him-Harvest Veg?? So gross. I still have yet to try yogurt, I honestly just keep forgetting. He's getting tired of the rice cereal so I'm looking forward to getting rid of that but then I'm not quite sure what to feed him for breakfast? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Travis was on call all week and during the weekend and he got a lotta calls. Cason was more than willing to help him out and waited so patiently for him to finish his work-Maestro got surgery again. Turns out they think he tore his acl when he wasn't 100% healed after his knee surgery. He gets his stitches out next week so hopefully by then he'll start working normal again-Until then he's still limping and having no fun-I'm hoping to post healthy pics of Maestro next week. so stay tuned!

Monday, August 2, 2010

back online

For those of you that noticed my blog was missing for a couple of days. Apparently Blogger does screen things because they noticed some "suspicious" activity on my account and so I had to prove it was me and that it got back up and running. So no worries to all the worry warts out there, we're being protected.

So we've been missing all last week because Travis' family came into town and the whole week was spent with them. So here's what we've been up to-
The best was the 24th. We went up to Doughnut Falls to do a little hiking and then did a little day camp for tin foil dinners and cake-in-an-orange (pictures to come, prepare to drool)-
Trav and Cason all ready to go-I love these chubby legs, they'd just bounce all over the place and get stuck in the bar. I'd fix his leg and it would be right back there the next time I looked, so funny-Cason playing in the water-sorry it's turned all weird. You can see the water on his face from him splashing earlier-All I did was say his name and he looked right at me and smiled. The stage he's at right now is so much fun-He kept resting his chubby cheeks on the bar here and I couldn't help but laugh and snap a pic-so adorable!Our little fam...minus MaestroThis kid-so stinkin' cute! My nephew AtkinOma and Papa keepin' an eye on Cason-Cake-in-an-orange, so delicious! Highlight of the day-

We went to visit Travis' Grandma and got this cute shot of Great Grandkids-Keaton tried to get away, and Easton tried to push Cason off and Cason seemed okay with all of it-playing with goggles-not quite sure who looks more ridiculous :)His teeth are getting a bit bigger-I dunno if you can even see them here. I have a hard time figuring out how to get a clear close up of the little guys. So maybe in a couple of weeks the shot will get more clearer as the teeth get bigger.Cason fell in love with cheese-seemed like he couldn't stuff it in fast enough.
We went to Seven Peaks and this was the only shot I got-Cason taking a nap in my arms-And this pic just cuz it's adorable-
And this poor guy. Maestro had to get surgery again! Apparently while running around and not being 100% healed from his knee surgery he tore a ligament which he needed to get fixed cuz it was causing him to do this-
Any tips you can give us about a dog recovery from surgery would be helpful considering he has so many surgeries and since we're such bad dog owners...[girl sigs here]