Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plan B's are never as much fun as plan A's

This morning I was planning on uploading pictures that I would have taken last night of my growing belly because not only have I hit another week (week 28) but I am also in my third trimester! Woot! Woot! However when I went to my purse last night to grab my camera it wasn't there. I stood in shock thinking where it could be. Danielle's, my sister-in-laws. Between bringing food and stuff for Maestro I always seem to leave at least one thing at her house. Last time it was his leash (which was probably just as problematic as the camera) and this time it was my camera. I remember exactly where I left it and why I didn't even think to grab it before we left. *sigh* Major bummer. So I have no pictures of my growing belly. :( Sad day. Lucky for me we go to Danielle's house often and so with some luck I should be getting my hands on the camera tomorrow. In which case we'll take pictures of the belly and pretend they're from yesterday. Until then-here's a fun and random pic to hold you over-

Friday, July 17, 2009

How I know he's happy-

I am constantly wondering what Maestro thinks on a daily basis. I am always wondering what is going through his head when he stares out the sliding door for twenty minutes, what he thinks about when hanging his head out the window, and what he's thinking when he stares at me and then tilts his head to the side. And is it a sign of a certain emotion when he has one ear standing straight up and the other is flopped down? What is he thinking when we don't share our food and when we're sleeping and he isn't a bit tired but lays on the bed with us anyway? I wish I could read his mind and understand what he is thinking. But despite my not knowing what he's thinking, I do think he's happy. There are signs that he does give me that I do understand to help reassure me that my pet is a happy. One is how he sits-so comfortably-In this picture above you can see how he sits. He sits on his bum but then leans back and arches his back a bit. Every time we look at him sitting like this we both laugh because it is so funny and so adorable. It makes him look like a fat, lazy pet but I know it's because he's so comfortable here and loves us. :)
This next picture is a good example of the one ear up and the other one down that I mentioned. If you stare at him long enough he'll eventually let that second ear flop down with the first and then carry on his business. It's so cute though, I love his ears.And lastly, I know he's a happy pup because he smiles. Now it doesn't just happen, you have to be playing with him to get his lips to move in this position but regardless, it is still hilarious. Yesterday I played with him with the camera and took a couple hundred pictures to try to get a picture of this and wouldn't you know lucky me got a couple! I am in love with them-So first you have to play with him and if you notice in this picture the left side of his lip there is up-

And then when he finally takes a break from playing he'll look right up at you and this is what you will see-Or it might look like this-Either way I'm in love with and it makes me laugh every single time. So despite the fact that I can't read Maestro's intelligent little brain, he still shoots me signals that lets me know that I'm doing alright with him and that he's one happy pup. Love you Maestro!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh a camping we will go

This past weekend Travis and I went camping to Tinney Flats with his brother, Clint and his family. We had such a good time hiking and relaxing! It was so much fun to hang out with the family too. The kids were great and loved hanging out and entertaining Maestro. And Maestro did great himself. I was worried about the hiking but he loved it. He was always wanting to be in the front and didn't ever seem to need a break. I was also a little nervous about him sleeping by himself since it was so cold. So the second night he slept with us and did just great! We had such a good time taking a break from our apartment and our every day routine. And despite not being able to shower, smelling like camp fire, and having four loads of laundry to come home to-we are looking forward to being able to go again!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Okay so I didn't win that totally awesome give away by Liz Kartchner but she totally included my picture in her collage of pictures on her blog. How cool is that?! She checked out my blog and she even commented on it! So cool. So even though I didn't win I thought it was pretty cool to see my pic on her blog. You should check it out-

http://www.elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/ Second row down and second picture in. So cool. Okay, I'm done.
I noticed on our "baby Dimond" ticker that tomorrow I only have 100 more days to go! How awesome is that? I feel like my belly is getting pretty big and more people are being brave about asking me if I'm pregnant. Some times I can catch people looking at my belly when they first meet me, which is funny. This week I have finally started to experience what I hear other women have been experiencing long before me. For some reason I seem to be a couple weeks behind the norm (which for me-is actually normal). I have had lower back pain this week and man, it kills! If I don't put any weight or pressure on my right foot than it doesn't hurt as bad but it kills to stand up and bend over too far. My belly has also been really itchy a lot this week as well. Some times I don't realize that I'm scratching until Travis says something or I look down at my belly and I notice I'm scratching it. It's totally weird to have my skin itch because it's stretching. Oh! One more, I think the baby had hiccups last night. I'm not totally sure cuz honestly, how do you know what that feels like and describe it so someone understands when it happens? But there was pretty consistent "kicking" and he's not usually like that so I'm guessing it was hiccups. Luckily Travis was right there to put his hand on my belly and experience it too. It was so much fun! I've loving being pregnant but am finally starting to get why it is so uncomfortable at night...and during the summer-so hot! I'm beginning to feel like a normal pregnant woman these days. :) ...minus the gaining weight part...I go to the Dr.'s on Tuesday so we'll see what the scale says. Wish me luck! Travis and I are headed camping this weekend with his brother and his family. We're so excited!! Have a good weekend everyone! -camille
PS-I figured since I talked so much about being pregnant that I'd add my most recent belly pic. Now is it just me or does it look like I swallowed a volleyball or something?? I can't believe that's what I look like from the side. Looks like I have a ball stuck in my shirt. Too funny.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07.08.09 @ 10:11:12

I read a bunch of professional scrapbookers (we'll call them) blogs and they are always doing give aways. I have no idea how they decide who to give these away to but I am determined to win one of them one day. One of my favorite blogs to read is Elizabeth Kartchner's and today she is doing a picture challenge with yet another awesome give away so here I am. And here's what I was doing at 10:11:12 on 07.08.09...or better yet, here's what Maestro was doing-

Maestro can drive me up the wall some times and no matter how angry I seem to get with him, no matter how many times I yell 'no' at him he still follows me around the house and sleeps right by my feet...or like today-right on my feet. He is so loyal and dependable, I love it. It makes up for my having to keep an eye on him 24/7, the whining when he's hungry and it's not time to feed him, the fact that he walks all over my scrapbook paper, and gets a hold of of my slippers. I still love the little guy and am so grateful that he still loves me despite my imperfections and impatience with him. So what was I doing while he was taking this sweet snooze on my cold toes? Only reading my greatest magazine that just came in the mail!
Yeah for awesome and lots of good travel ideas! I have lots to catch up on! :) Happy 07.08.09!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

All American

We had a great fourth of July! We had a breakfast with Travis' family at a little diner that had a delicious breakfast! Danielle' and Clint-Travis with Easton-Then we were able to hang out for a little while and do whatever we fancied (yeah, I scrapbooked). Then we headed to my parents house for a BBQ, games, and the firework show at Sugar House Park. We had such a good time hanging out with family and celebrating the holiday. We took Maestro with us to the BBQ and the park. He did great at the park and was loving all of the dogs and new people around. He did pretty good during the firework show too. At first he wanted to run away but after that he settled down and acted like it was no big deal. Infact, for a little while he was looking up the sky as if he was enjoying the fireworks as much as we were.
This is Rebecca with her son, Carter, and her friends daughter Abby-
Can you guess which one of us is pregnant? My family couldn't decide who was farther along. :)
This is us at the park-
After the firework show at the park we went back to my parents and had a little firework show of our own. I've always enjoyed doing fireworks, especially sparklers. So I bought some for Travis and I and we had a good time with them. We did the usual and made all sorts of deisgns with them.

This one turned out to be our favorite-We hope everyone had a great holiday! Happy fourth of July!