Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny didn't forget about us

It was a big time bummer to be two thousand miles away from home when Easter came around. There was no Easter hunt, no coloring eggs, no family games, and no baskets of candy. But the 'easter bunny' didn't forget about us. We got love packages in the mail that made my week! My Mom sent us easter treats that made Easter....Easter! And my oldest sister, Rebecca, sent me a little package for spring-for when that gets here. Can you believe that we're still getting snow? I can't wait until it stops. Some day it will stop. And when it does, I will be one really happy girl.

Thank you Mom! Thank you Rebecca! For not forgetting about me. We love you all and we miss you guys, we miss home. Some day we'll be back. Until then we send our love from small town Loretto in Pennsylvania.


Jude Sells said...

Happy Easter. Sorry it's still snowing there. Don't hate me, but it was about 65 degrees and sunny here in Cedar. But I must say I prayed really hard for sun and gave dirty looks to those who thanked the Lord for the moisture in church when it did snow.

Nella said...

I'm glad you guys got some Easter treats. You guys'll be back Utah soon though right?! Then the holidays will be fun again. Thank for the picts.I got them in the mail today!

Holly or Joe said...

I'm glad you had a good eatser! Moms and sister are awesome....I mean the "easter bunny" is awesome.
I'm hoping for it to stop snowin' on ya too....I want you to be one happy girl. Spring is so nice.