Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter 08

I know Easter is very much over but I just got this picture and I love it! I mean honestly, how cute are these girls! For those of you that noticed they are twins, Makenna is the one on the left and Madison is the one on the right. They look much more alike in person then they do in this picture. I have a couple of different ways of keeping them apart. I believe they're just over two years old.
These two girls are in my nursery class and I look forward to seeing them every week. They call me "Sister Dimond" but the way they say 'Dimond' makes me smile every time. Their Mom told me a story that I have to share. One night they were singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and when they got to the part that says, 'like a diamond in the sky', Makenna said, 'Dimond not in the sky, Dimond's at home.' I love it! They love me, what can I say. :)
Well their Mom invited us over for dinner on Easter Sunday and we had so much fun with them, them being the whole family. These two girls also have an older sister and a younger brother (he is also in my nursery class). So they have a very young family that is incredibly entertaining. We played with puzzles, sang some songs, played house, played with balls, ate dinner, and a ton of Easter candy! About every two minutes one of the twins would come up to where I was sitting and would say, 'open this Dimond' as they would hand me yet another Easter egg full of sugar! So cute. They make my dinner every Sunday, I love my calling as nursery leader!


Holly or Joe said...

Cute girls. You are darling -you are meant to be a mom. kids adore you!

Huntsman Hotties said...

I love nursery to! But with kids now it would be hard not to be mom in nursery, Braxton playing and Michael on my hip? any way you guys look happy! keep in touch please