Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach Week (part two)

Then on Friday we had a beach party! Which really just means that they got to put on their suits and play in the water, but we got to pretend we were at the beach and the sun was out so we were all happy. It took well over 45 minutes for us to get all eleven of our kids diapers changed, clothes changed and into their suits, and all sunscreened up! It was quite the process. And then after the party it took us another good 45 minutes to get their suits off, diapers changed, and back into their clothes. Needless to say Heather and I were exhausted by lunch time and were definitely ready for a nap when the kids went down! But we all had a good time, especially little Olivia-

Now I put these pictures in this order because this is how it went for Olivia. She spent the entire half an hour in this little pool and she enjoyed every minute of it. She soaked up the well as the water. Her diaper soaked up as much water as it possibly could have and she had quite the bubble butt when I pulled her out of the pool. Her butt was just too funny that I had to take a picture of it. And even though it was well over 80 degrees by 9:30 in Pennsylvlania and this little ones lips were starting to turn blue because she was so chilly. So I grabbed her towel and got her as dry as I possibly could have and then wrapped her up like a little burrito! Isn't she just so stinkin' adorable. I love this girl.

Now being the cool and dedicated teacher that I am I went out and bought a bunch of squirt bottles so that my kids could squirt each other without associating the tool with a gun, crazy world we live in. They had so much fun. Some of the kids absolutely hated getting squired while others were getting squirted right in the face by accident but were totally having a great time. The kids got my legs and ton and they even managed to get the Grandma that helps out in my room. She was wearing socks, shoes, and even long pants. But little Shawn would lift up her pant leg the best he could and squirt her ankle, it was so funny. It was good week at Treasured Times in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.


Holly or Joe said...

I am all caught up! I had been out of town and super busy I have been making hte rounds! You look like you are totally doing so good in PA. Those little kids are totally adorable. You will be the best mom for sure. You're awesome Camille.