Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Havre de Grace, Maryland

Travis and I had the pleasure of visiting with the Nate, Stephanie, and Abby Littlefield this past weekend. We had so much fun! They took us out to the bay area and the little town and just walked around and enjoyed the scenery. We even saw a lighthouse, which is the longest continously running lighthouse in the whole Unite States! Who knew.

We also stopped at the beach, but I forgot my suit so we just stopped for a picture. For those of you that can't see it look on the bottom left side of this pic. :)
We checked out town area with all of the little shops and stuff. Steph and I talked about dreaming of having real furniture that matched as well as day. And when we saw these fashionable hats we had to try them on.
We ate ice cream, chocolate, had a lovely lunch, watched a movie, hung out and chatted some more and then went out and played some video games. Needless the say, the boys had fun.
But this cutie-pootie had me baby hungry! She was so cute. This is Abby, Nate and Stephanie's 17-month old daughter and she was adorable. She is a talker and we kept trying to her to say mine and Travis' name. When she finally did say them they came out as "ras" and "moe", it was so cute. Every time she said or did something it made me say, ' cute!' and kept me thinking that I wanted of my very own! *sigh* One day people, one day I'll be doing posts of my own kids, until then other people's kids will have to do!
We had a great time with the Littlefields. It was so much fun to hang out with them while were both back east for the short time periods that we were here. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see them in Utah. Thanks again Littlefields! We had a great time!


Jenny and Austin said...

Austin has to go there a lot for work!!! He talks about it, but it's nice to finally see some pictures of it! How fun!

The Littlefields said...

Yay for friends! I'm glad it was a blog worhty trip. :) Thanks for coming to see us and thanks for sending me pictures.

sware said...

I love that you know the littlefields:) Just makes me smile!! Looks like you had a great time. (how could you not with all of you together?!!) Fun to see what you are up to!
Sarah Ware:)

Holly or Joe said...

FUN!! That's soo awesome to know that even after having moved from cedar and living so far, some how good friends get together again. I'm so glad you guys had a great time. You guys are a hoot.