Tuesday, March 17, 2009

on our own

Last weekend I drove behind Travis to Salt Lake City to spend one last weekend with him before our five week parting (minus weekends). It's true. Travis has moved up to Salt Lake to do one last and final rotation at Salt Lake Regional. I have decided to stay in Cedar so that I can continue working and to stay busy. This is not the first time that Travis and I have been apart but that certainly doesn't make it any easier. I still cried myself to sleep that first night but experience has taught me that each night gets a little easier-which is comforting.
For those of you that don't know for three months of our engagment I was living in Salt Lake and he was living in Cedar. For the whole summer he came up every weekend to be with me. Three years later-Travis is living in Salt Lake, I am in Cedar, and I will be going up to Salt Lake every weekend to be with Travis and I'm totally okay with that. Travis is working hard and I am more than happy to repay him for always coming up to see me. I love you babe! Go get 'em in the big city! You're gonna do great!


Tanelle Lindquist said...
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Tanelle Lindquist said...

Oh my gosh I seriously had tears in my eyes while reading this. I know what you are going through, well sort of. Ryan worked graves for a year and a half. So for 5 nights I did not have him next to me, plus I didn't see him during the day because I was working and when I came home he was sleeping. I would see him for about 20 minutes, then he was off to work. I remember those nights when I would cry myself to sleep, but each night got a little better. It really made me appreciate those women who have husbands in the military and don't see their hubbies for months if not years. I don't think I could be that strong.
I am graduating in the spring and if I want to get a job in broadcasting Ryan and I will have to live apart during the week while I travel out of town to a small market where I can get my news experience. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Give me a call when you are in SLC, I would love to see you! 801-597-7798

Nella said...

Ooo, whose comment got deleted? Their busted. I love the pictures that Avary and Atkin took and love that you guys will both be here in the valley if only on the weekends. Oh, and I love that you called Boggie, Boogie. :)

Tanelle Lindquist said...

It was me...I deleted my first comment because some of the stuff I wrote got deleted when I submitted it. So I deleted it and re-submitted a new draft. Hehehe

Holly or Joe said...

It's no fun being alone. Hopefully the week days will pass quickly and the weekends will pass slowly.Good luck with the whole move and yay for Travis being on his final rotation!