Tuesday, September 1, 2009

did you know?

Did you know that dogs lose their teeth just like we do? It's true, check this out-

Over probably a month ago Maestro's front teeth on the top and bottom of his mouth had fallen out and already grown back in. I haven't seen any of those teeth because they were so tiny! I figure they're either lost in our shaggy carpet somewhere or he swallowed them. But recently his back teeth have been falling out and we have found those! I first noticed when I was playing with a toy with him and there was blood on his toy from his gums bleeding. Then one night we noticed him acting like this-

It was so weird. At first I thought he was trying to eat something that was stuck in his mouth, like a hair or a piece of grass. But there was nothing in there. Then I looked at his gums and noticed a tooth was lose. We left him to getting it out himself and then we suddenly heard a popping sound and then his tooth came out. Another came out when I was brushing his teeth. And on one tooth I actually helped fall out when I went to touch it to see how loose it was. I had no idea that dogs lost their teeth like we did. Pretty crazy.

Well the time is getting a bit closer for us-7 weeks left and Travis and I are so excited!! Here's a baby bump picture for you-

I feel huge but I know that I'm smaller than the average pregnant woman I'm sure. At times I feel like my belly is not quite big enough for the baby. He constantly on the move and loves to curl up on the left side and tries to find as much room a possible. We really cannot wait to meet him!


Jer and Jules said...

Poor little guy, that video makes him look like he's having a little bit of frustration with it. Hopefully he'll be done 'teething' soon!
And your belly is cute! That's crazy you're due so soon!

Holly said...

7 weeks?! Already?! You still look so little to me...cute belly.

Nella said...

Time snuck right up on us there, seems like you were just barely showing. Oh, wait, you are just barely showing. :)

RonElaine said...

I CAN NOT believe you only have 7 weeks! Where did all the time go?!

And, I don't know what you are talking about in the suit - I'm sure you are one HOT CHICK.