Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our favorites-

I am feeling so huge! I know I might not look it but I struggle with getting off the couch and out of the car. And I'm super sad the weather no longer permits me to wear my sandals! Poor Maestro not only has to wait for me to bundle up but an extra five minutes just for me to put on my socks and my shoes! I am down to just two weeks and Travis and I are so excited! We're hoping he comes early just because we're so excited but we're both feeling that he's going to come late...we're excited to see what happens!

So I promised more maternity pictures-here are some more of a favorites. These were all done by my good friend Tanelle Wilburn, here is her website, http://www.lindquistphoto.com. She was so much fun to work with and did such a great job! Thanks again Tanelle! Here's some more great pictures that were taken by a girl that Travis works with, Melanie Parry. Unfortunately her website is still in the works but I'll keep you posted once she gets it up and running.

Thank you so much Tanelle and Melanie for helping Trav and I capture such a precious time in our lives!


The Littlefields said...

SO Cute!!! You're a cute prrego book.

Nat and Charles said...

I can't believe you only have 2 weeks! Hang in there! The best part about going into labor is that your adrenaline kicks in to help out a little bit (at least at first!) I'm so excited for you! Good luck!

Holly said...

Well...congrats on having your little boy! I can't wait to see a pic. Hope all is well.

Robert & Sara said...

That's awesome! Baby's are great. It's so fun-especially boys. Keep in touch