Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One very proud Daddy

When Trav comes home from work he races to find me to see if I'm with the baby. If I am it's just a question of when I'll be done feeding him so he can hurry and change to hold him when I'm done. If I'm already done feeding him he'll come sit right by me so that he can hold Cason before he has to be put back down to sleep. You can see how much Travis loves Cason by these super cute pictures I took over the weekend-


Lynea said...

Okay, Cason is absolutely adorable!!I couldn't choose a favorite because each of your pictures were so precious. Travis you looked darn handsome and one proud DAD!! I'd love to have one of those pictures here to show off, if possible. Thanks for sharing, I love the blog. Mom

Holly or Joe said...

Oh Camille!!! I haven't been a very diligent blooger for so long, and I have been thinking about you and your baby!! He is adorable! He is just sweet and you looked great after just having a baby.

You guys are already great parents! I knew you always would be! Congratulations! You are a beautiful mother! Congrats again! Love a new baby.

Rebecca said...