Friday, January 15, 2010

The most precious thing I ever saw-

This beautiful smile-It's amazing how much he is smiling these days. Some times we still have to work pretty hard to get to smile like this but it is getting a bit easier every day and I am loving it!

Oh and play time. Have I mentioned how he's starting to hold toys and put them in his mouth? So much fun to watch.
The other day when Cason was sitting on the couch Maestro went right up to him and tried to snuggle. Cason looked a bit annoyed as Maestro stepped over some personal boundry lines but I guess he'll have to learn to get used to it. So cute. Cason has been doing really great with the tummy time. I'm trying to give him more time on his tummy and he's doing really great. I love getting down on the floor with him and talking to him. So much fun.
Yep, I have the best job in the world. Sorry Dad. :)


The Littlefields said...

He's SO stinkin' cute! I love all these cute pictures.

adamkristalee said...

Oh my word Cason is SO cute and adorable. I just want to squish his cheeks!

Lynea said...

Camille, ya, totally too cute with all those smiles. I miss him and of course you guys. Mom