Tuesday, February 2, 2010

in just a week

It's only been a week since my last post and I just uploaded a good 100 pictures of our cutie....how on earth I think I'm ever going to catch up on Cason's scrapbook is completely beyond me. But I could at least keep up with the blog. :) So in the past week this is what's been going on-
He's growing like a weed! He's got the cutest chubby cheeks and double chin around! I weighed him at 16 lbs. last week, he's a whole lotta heavy for me.I couldnt figured out how to get this photo t show up right but it's too funny to pass on, so either a-tilt your screen, or b-your head to check out these thunder thighs. My favorite thing about all his chub is that this is just the beginning! :)If you think we're singing in this one, you're right. Cason is cooing like crazy! His lasted sound was "sha", I was pretty excited considering the 'sh' sound was perfect! We've been dog sitting for our friend, Charlee. She's not too sure how she feels about Cason but Cason seems to enjoy her company.

I love watching him attempt to play with toys. If he can manage it he stick them in his mouth and then the drool never stops, I love it!
And if he can't manage to get the toy in his mouth then he settles for his fingers, which produces much more drool.
My parents came over for dinner and everyone had a really great time.
He tries to sit up on his own all of the time. He needs a lot of assistance but it sure is cute to watch him try.
Loving bath time-doesn't he just look so cute wet??
For some reason whenever he's in the Bumbo he ends up turning himself to the side and looks over. I have no idea why he does this or what he's looking at but it sure is fun to watch.

And I saved my favorite for last, in hopes to not jinx it but Cason has slept through the night the past two nights in a row! Hazah! I can't tell you how excited I am about it! I'm hoping the pattern continues so keep your fingers crossed!


Forrest and Rebecca said...

Those thunder thighs are AMAZING! Way to show the baby fat with pride Cason!!

Maples Family!! said...

You have such a cute little happy chunk!

Aaron and Jodi said...

I love the chub too! How cute.

Holly or Joe said...

Ben had thighs just like that! Hilarious!!! Frame them and hang them in his room for life. SOOO funny.
I miss that age.