Thursday, July 1, 2010

His first H2O

While sitting outside one evening Cason kept eyeing Travis' glass of water and Trav decided to give it a shot. At first he just sucked on the rim off the glass-But then he got some water-
And that's when it hit him-
So funny! We all started laughing!

But no matter how different or how cold, he still wanted more-
So cute!
Can you believe this guy needs surgery again!
For some odd reason his knee cap (same leg as his hip surgery) pops out of place which causes him to limp. Lucky for us all he has to do his sit down and pops back in, or if we do it we just have to push his leg up towards his body and you can hear it pop back in. Next Thursday he'll be getting it all taken care of. Thanks to Dr. Coleman in Provo we are still able to afford Maestro. Three cheers for cheap vets!


Forrest and Rebecca said...

Ha ha ha! So cute. Who new that water could taste! Love it. Poor Maestro. Glad to hear you found someone who doesn't cost an arm and a leg...or in Maestro's case, a hip and a knee cap!

Missy and Andy said...

Those pics are too cute! Kaitlyn is so fascinated with cups right now too and always wants to drink from my cup. I can't get her interested in sippys either. I hope all goes well with Maestro's surgery.