Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Because one just isn't enough-

Growing up I shared bunk beds with my younger sis. I remember just before bed my mom would tuck us in and say goodnight. She always took forever with Nicole. I would always peek my head down and see what they were doing and my mom was helping Nicole carefully place practically each and every stuffed animal she owned next to her in bed. After the lights were turned off I'd look at her in the middle of the bed with at least 10 or more animals all lined up next to her. It made me want to throw my one stuffed animal that I slept with at them all just to mess them up. But maybe it wasn't just her and maybe it's a kid thing...or maybe it's hereditary?
He needed 3 stuffed animals the other night while reading books, one just wasn't enough.


Nick and Jen said...

That's so cute! It seems like it sure does make it more of a challenge to look at the pictures in the book...but worth it! :)