Thursday, April 12, 2012

Next Round

I realize this post really should have been done last week but really isn't that just the story of my life? It would be too weird if I actually posted things the week that they actually happened, right?

So last week Myra had her 2-week appointment and she is now weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. and grew almost a full inch and a half! She's an excellent eater and you can already tell that her cheeks are starting to plump up quite nicely :) (we're hoping for another chubby baby). The sleeping is a work in progress, it's great one day and awful the next. Every time I put her down I hold my breath it'll be a good one.Cason and I have been trying to come up with things to do while she's napping so that the tv isn't on all day long but man it's getting hard. We are really looking forward to summer and getting outside more (as i'm sure you can tell by this lovely pic)-Last weekend...or the weekend before that...either way we had an Easter party with my mom's family so I took Cason since we're not ready to take Myra out just yet. He had a blast finding eggs, that's pretty much all he wanted was the plastic eggs. I never counted but he found a lot! He loved opening them all and see what would come out. I think his favorite surprise was the 4 quarters from my Grandparents (I think). When they flew out everywhere he yelled out "MONIES!" (if that's even a spelling for that pronounciation). It was pretty adorable-Thankfully candy was not all he got. He has been playing with this motorcycle (thank you Rebecca) and truck (thank you whomever gave out the trucks) all week long (or is it two weeks now...)-Cason has been pretty good with Myra so far. He loves to come in with me and wake her up. Loves to hold (some times squeeze) her hand, rub her belly, and help me burp her by patting her back (and he actually just pats amazingly enough). Some days I can't believe how accepting he is of her. I'm hoping it stays that way, guess we'll see. I had to include this picture just cuz I thought it was so adorable-Travis had a birthday this past weekend, I cannot believe he's 30! He can't believe he's 30! It's so crazy we've been together 7 years and we're onto another decade that will be full of kids and our family. It's an amazing stage to be out but wow, 30, really? Easter at our house was very low-key. I did refill all of Cason's eggs (don't worry I did get new candy) and we hid them around our yard. He had a blast finding them all. We also included a new Mater two (his second one) and Cars 2 (which he unforutnately doesn't seem to care for)- Myra's dress ended up being a bit big well as her tights...and her shoes. Infact the only thing that fit was the headband. She still looked adorable though-

And now we're onto another week!