Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My job ROCKS!

Meet Kadyn.

That's right a girl Kadyn who spells her name with no 'e'! I can't tell you how long it took me to remember to spell this girls name and even now I stop after I get to 'Ka' and think about if the 'd' or the 'y' comes next. But this girl isn't as confusing as her name, all she wants is her mom and dad (very simple to understand). She went into her usual room (the kids are organized by age) for a couple weeks but I guess it just wasn't working out so I've had the opportunity to have her my class and she's adorable. She has the cutest giggle, fun singing voice, and can make my heart melt in a minute! For example, last Friday as we were singing a song together she stopped right in the middle and said, 'Camille, you're pretty today.' It was so adorable and totally made my day!


Nella said...

I'd have to say the best compliments come from little kids, because their honest! She's super cute.

Here we are said...

It's the best to get compliments from little kids, you KNOW they really mean what they're saying. She's a cutie pie.