Monday, January 21, 2008

To the love of my life

Ten random reasons I love Travis:
(they're in no particular order)
1-He'll sit on the couch with me when we watch a movie instead of sitting in his chair.
2-He lets me be lazy when I have no energy to get my own drink.
3-He still holds my hand.
4-He doesn't turn down my music when it's "too loud".
5-He'll surprise me by doing the dishes or putting the dishes away for me.
6-He gives me massages.
7-He plays with my hair.
8-He listens to my endless rambling of who knows what.
9-He holds me tight and kisses me like he means it.
10-He lets me goes out with his friends with school even though he hasn't seen me all day.
-I love ya Trav!


Nella said...

aaaahhhhh! I love that you love Travis! And I love that he loves you too! And I love that he sits next to you on the couch during a movie. Clint is in big trouble now, because sometimes he sits on the 'other' chair. But I love him anyway!