Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not once but twice!

Travis suggested that since his life isn't being taken up with books and studying that we start up trying to do fhe again. So last night we had a first fhe in about....well, let's not count cuz then I'll feel bad, let's just say in awhile. For our activity we decided to go minature golfing and it was a lot of fun. The most amazing thing happened though, not only did I get a hole in one once-but TWICE!! How amazing! This picture was taken on the second time and needless to say, I was very excited. I still lost the game by eight strokes but it was a pretty cool moment to get a hole in one-twice. I celebrated with a little dance all the way down the green to the hole to get my back. On the second hole I did a little jump turn deal and this was how I landed. Pretty sweet. It was a fun night. After the game we went to a delightful ice cream place right next door and it was very tasty. I am grateful we had fhe last night, hopefully we'll be better at keeping up with it.
Well tomorrow we're headed to New York! We're goin' to Palmyra to see some church history stuff and the temple-I can't wait! I miss the temple being fourty minutes away! And then we're also going to Niagara! It's goin' be great! I can't wait to go, I need a vacation! Talk to ya next week!


Ms. La Rue said...

Yay for golfing! If I would have been there, you wouldn't have lost. I suck.

Have mucho goodo times at Niagra! It's freakin' sweet.

The Littlefields said...

That is so exciting that you're in NYC. What a fun trip. You'll have to post lots of pictures.

Holly or Joe said...

Whoohoo! Fun FHE. and yea, NYC! I hope you guys have a great time. It will be nice to visit its temple. You guys are too cute.

Nella said...

Sweet!!! We're going to NY in July, you guys should hold of eh. I demand a re-enactment of the dance when I see you in 4 DAYS! But not while mini-golfing, I'm sorry but I hate mini-golf. Probably because I never get a hole in one.