Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Dimond's are moving-

It's what we do. This is the FOURTH apartment that Travis and I will be living in since we've been married (which is only two years and five months). But it is necesary. The rent in the place we just moved from was raised by four hundred dollars and let's face it, we could barely afford it where it was. Lucky for us though we were already planning on moving in a new place in the next town over. A friend in Travis' classes moved back home to do her rotations so after talking to her land lord we learned that we could just move in when she moved out so that's what we've been doing since Thursday. And you know it actually looks like we have a place now. But since there's still stuff that needs to be unpacked and a home you only get two pictures of all of our stuff! Thankfully it's not all of our stuff or else these pictures would need to be bigger. Hopefully our next blog will be of our new place. Until then, we're doing good and we are loving our new place!


Huntsman Hotties said...

WOW moving is no fun, but that many times in such a short time period!!! I am not jealous. Glad to hear you are doing well miss you guys

Nella said...

Boo! To moving! Unless you're moving back here, and then it will be YAY! That bike looks like it has seen better days eh?

Holly or Joe said...

Poopy, moving sucks -and you guy have had to do it a lot, you poor things. Here's hopin' that you won;t have to, again, for a long while.