Monday, June 23, 2008

Can you have motivation but not be motivated?

Right before we moved I finished up a 12 pages of a family vacation in Hawaii in my scrapbook. It was the perfect stopping point. And well we moved. I'm settled in. And I still hadn't worked on the scrapbook. I had my room all set and ready to go but all last week I had the motivation to get up there and start scraping those pictures again but for some reason I wasn't motivated to go and do it. Sound too weird, doesn't it? It was weird. I really wanted to get up there and start working on stuff but sitting on the couch was all too comfortable. All week went by, how annoying. Then one day some how I had an extra fifteen minutes in the morning to kill. So I wondered into the "scrapbook room", peeked in my picture box to see whwat group of pictures were next. Then I sat down with some magazines to come up with some ideas and before I knew it I was totally ready to get going. And guess what? I had to go to work! Total bummer. All day a ton of girls were headed out the door early and it made me jealous. I wanted to go home early...I wanted to scrapbook. Now that I finally was motivated to scrapbook I couldn't. That night I had something and even the next evening I had something too. When Saturday came all I wanted to do was work with my pictures and such. So I didn't clean the house, I only started laundry (cuz you know, you have to do laundry on Saturdays) and then off I went. And I finished this wonderful layout. I guess my motivation comes from early in the mornings. How cool would it be if I could wake up an hour earlier than usual just to do whatever I needed to do. That would be so if I could only be motivated to do that.


Nella said...

Sooooooo, how much do you charge lazy women with no creativity to do their own scrapbooks for their kids they love dearly but don't want to scrapbook about? Just out of curiousity you know.

The Littlefields said...

I'm totally the same way, I have almost no motivation when I have time, but when I'm in a crunch I want to do it all.
Those layouts are really cute. You have such a talent.

Holly or Joe said...

Wake up earlier than you have to?! No! Sleep is soo nice. J/K If you can, do! For some reason if you accomplish something right away, the rest of the day is so much more productive.

I wish I were a scrapbooker -but then again, you all seem so addicted, and I would never have the time to get a real fix. I'm with Nella -how much would you charge. Cute layout.