Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There is Beauty All Around

Remember the beautiful gerber daisy plant that Travis gave me for Valentine's Day? Well after the main gerber died I had a hard time getting another flower to grow to its full size. I thought it was lack of sun so when we moved into our new place I put it outside. At night I thought I would bring it back in and when I put it on the kitchen table these little white bugs started flying all around. AH! I put it back outside and just kinda left it alone. Sad day. I thought bad cuz the thing pretty much died. But yesterday when I came home from work I noticed something pink up on the deck. I checked it out today and you would not believe what I saw.

How could this have happened? Who knows. All of the leaves were brown and droopy. I've been meaning to throw it out but just haven't done it yet. But how cool that this little flower still managed to grow? So cool. Just thought I would share.


Huntsman Hotties said...

Looks pretty sad babe. But those flowers are so beautiful.

Holly or Joe said...

Yay! It lives! Just pull off the dead leaves, so it can perk up a little more....check the internet for advice for Gerbers... than hopefully you can have this strong little fighter with ya for a long time. You go little plant!

Nella said...

Its a Valentine's Day Present MIRACLE!!Just like your's and Travis' love, it can survive the worst beating. Not that your love has had a beating or anything, but IF it did, it would grow beautifully. :) Oh, cute.