Monday, November 17, 2008

fun at the mall

Annie and I owe our friendship to Pep Club. We met at the very end of our Sophomore year in high school because we were both trying out for Pep Club (kinda like cheerleading only not so much). There was one specific cheer that we both happen to be making fun of and from then on things with us just always clicked. Come junior year when Pep Club started she ended up standing right in front of me in the cheer block. Together we were as loud as the rest of the block. We drove the girls around us crazy but we always had a good time. We didn't go to the same college's and haven't lived next to year other since high school but we have managed to stay in touch and see each other when we were both in Salt Lake. This past weekend I went up to Salt Lake on Thursday and was able to hang out with Annie on Friday. We met up at South Towne and had a delicious lunch at Zupa's and then hung out at the mall together. It was so great hanging out with Annie, felt like old times. Anyway, these were some fun pictures that I took-

This is cute snow bunny Annie. She is sporting a very cute and comfy, fluffy beanie (found at Aero).
Annie in a big, brown, expensive, puffy coat (found at Eddie Bauer).

Gangster Annie, it doesn't really matter where this one was at cuz let's be honest, no one is interested in actually purchasing it.

And this is my personal favorite, vogue Annie. The last store we hit was Famous Footwear and for those of you who don't know this store is just loaded with shoes. And look at these cute shoes that I found! Love them! I've pretty much warn them every day since I got them.


Alice said...

Your shoes are so adorable.! I love to shop at Famous Footwear.

RoseAnna said...

Camillie Vanillie!! I'm so excited that we are reunited!! I was so happy to see your cute face again!! I looked through your blog. Looks like everything is going good for you guys. Peace Out!!