Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We made it

Well packing everything up was a complete mess but some how it all got done. This is what the kitchen looked like, we could barely get around everything.I had so much help and support from my ward. The Elders, families, and others from the ward came to help us load up the truck. It was all loaded and ready to go in less than two hours! It was so great once that door was closed and everything was ready to go. I was so grateful for all the help that we had, I definitely needed it. Just goes to show that once again the church is true.

Travis' brother, Trevor, and sister, Jamie, flew in on Thursday to help us drive back to Utah. We had to do the drive in a weekend because Travis needed to start his next rotation on Monday. Now that we have two cars I knew that I wouldn't be able to drive all day and all evening all by myself. So Trevor and Jamie helped us drive back, we are also so grateful for their help as well. I don't think we would have gotten very fast very far without their help.
Seeing gas prices across all of the states was interesting. We left gas in Pennsylvania at $2.49. I don't remember what was the most but when we saw the most expensive but when we saw it for $1.95, we had to stop. Although when we were in Missouri we saw it for $1.77! We were a little bummed that when we saw the Chevron by Cove Fort for $2.79, major bummer. But were glad to see that it wasn't quite that much here in Cedar.
Anyway, Kansas was by far the worst state to drive through. For those of you who have not seen or driven through Kansas, this is what it looks like-exciting isn't it? This is what it looks like throughout the whole state! And it's a big state. Although there was a beautiful sunset that night so that was cool.

We arrived in Colorado in the evening and I was so bummed not being able to see those mountains. But the next morning seeing those mountains was like a breath of fresh air. The air was great too. We had missed the mountains so much. Driving through the Colorado mountains was great! We even saw people skiing, and that made us jealous because I knew how much fun they were having. It was a beautiful day with the sunshine, and the snow on the pine trees on a huge mountain side was like a dream come true. We are very excited to be back in Utah and to be surrounded by the mountains. So great.

So anyway, our drive was long, just over 2,150 miles! We made it in three days arriving in Cedar on Sunday night. We're living in a basement apartment in a house on 500 W. Travis started his family practice rotation with Dr. North yesterday and had a good time. He will be there for ten weeks and then start his next rotation, women's health. Lucky him. Our truck will be arriving tomorrow so those of you who are in town and can help let us know. I am looking forward to getting our stuff back, we've been living out a suit cases for just over a week now. Can't wait!


Huntsman Hotties said...

We are glad you are back, Call if you need more help with the truck? Hope to see you soon.

The Littlefields said...

Yay for being back in Utah!!! If we were in Cedar we'd totally come help. I hope we'll get to see you soon.

Florida4x4chick said...

Glad you made it back safe. I agree Kansas sucks to drive through, and add to it that it seems like there is a xxx/adult store at every exit. Bunch of weirdos out there. (No offense to anybody that is from/in Kansas haha)

If you ever want to visit FL we've got an open room for you.

Travis and Camille said...

Hey Natalie, how can I check out your blog?? I have no idea how to go about these privacy boundries!

Jer and Jules said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys made it safely! I do have to agree with you on the mountains, they are a sight for sore eyes when you've been away, they're almost like a security blanket! Next time we're down in that part of the state, I will let you know and we'll have to get together!

RonElaine said...

yeah! we're so happy you are here! If Travis' family practice rotation was shorter, we'd probably see him while in women's health. Will have Ron call Travis about moving to see if we can help. Hope to see you soon!