Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fun with Boa

Last week Travis finished up his rotation for the semester and he is now on break! Because he's on break-I took off work, so now we're both on break! It's feels so great! This will be the last year that we actually get what you could call a "Christmas break" so we're definitely going to be enjoying it and hopefully telling you all about it along the way (opposed to three weeks after it).

We've been getting lots of visits from our upstairs neighbors, Boa. She's not our dog but I can't help but take pictures of her, she's so sweet and so much fun. most of the pictures I take of her are a blur because she's constantly moving but I think it makes it that much more fun.
Travis loves playing with her. Trav just sits on the floor and she just goes to him until she gets bored. It's so much fun to watch. I am learning. I've gotten used to the "play bite" and don't mind it so much anymore. Although when we went up to my brother-in-laws their cat wanted to play and it freaked me out. I had to put a huge pillow in between us so that he knew I meant business. I guess only one thing at a time right? Boa loves to give Travis kisses. She is constantly reaching up for his neck, and then his cheek, and then she goes for the ear. It's all in good fun and Travis totally loves it. We're both dog hungry.And can you even believe I got this totally awesome shot! Love it! Boa was looking back at me and I quick told Travis to smile at me and ta-da! I love this shot for two reasons. Not is Boa looking at me, but it looks as if she's smiling at me too! Oh, and look at Travis' goofy smile...so I guess three reasons.


Jer and Jules said...

Super cute dog! I'd play with her all the time too.
Thanks for the Christmas card, by the way. We don't do them just yet-maybe because I'm too lazy?