Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary...

Wednesday marked three years for Travis and I. Three years ago we went to the Salt Lake temple and were sealed for time and eternity. Good memories. Since then we have lived in five apartments, two cities, bought a car, and moved across the country-twice. I can't list all of the places we have seen and all the memories we have made but they've all been so great. Travis is my best friend. We do everything together, we share everything, we go everywhere together. It's wonderful. We're in love and living the dream.

Every year after Thanksgiving we start looking forward to our anniversary. Not necessarily because it is going to be another year for us but because of how we celebrate. Every year we go to Red Lobster and splurge! We buy whatever we want, which consequently happens to be the most expensive thing on the menu for us. And we also buy fancy drinks and they are delicious! We stuff ourselves silly but it is definitely worth it. It is by far our most expensive meal of the year and that is why it is saved for the anniversary.

This year we also decided to go miniature golfing for some added fun to our day. The place we went to holds memories for Travis and me considering it is where Travis took me for our first date. It was so great spending the day with Travis. With both of us working every day and Travis studying in the evening, some times we find it difficult to spend as much time with each other as we would like so I really enjoyed the time that we have together recently.
Travis is my best friend. I love him so much. The past three years have been an amazing adventure and I am looking forward to what's to come. I love you so much Trav. Happy Anniversary!


Mr. B said...

Congratulations guys!

Camille, I like your style of mini-golf.

Jer and Jules said...

Aww, happy anniversary you guys! I love the way you celebrate! Congrats on the big 3!

The Littlefields said...

It looks like you guys had a great day! Congrats on three years, you guys make a great couple. :)