Monday, April 20, 2009

For he's a jolly good fellow....

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow...which nobody can deny! Now aren't you glad you couldn't actually hear me singing. :) Last week Trav and I flew across many states of our great nation to Pennsylvania where Travis finished up his last couple of tests for his PA program at St. Francis University. Can you even believe it has been two years? Travis is finished! We went to a dinner where they all got to celebrate being done. It was so great being in Pennsylvania one last time and being able to see everyone again. We are truly going to miss Pennsylvania and all of the friendships that we made there. It was such a great experience that we wouldn't trade for the world.

While we were there we were able to catch up with Travis' older brother, Clint. He was there for a business thing. We found it so ironic that we weren't able to see any of his family while we were there for a year and a half but while we were there for four days, some how it work out.
And we can't have new people right in Pittsburgh without taking them to the most delicious sandwhich place in the probably the world, Primanti Bros. Too great. If you're ever in the Pittsburgh area, we highly recommend this restaurant. Clint had no trouble eating this humungous sandwhich with two dozen wings. (Danielle', you must be proud. :) )

For months I have been planning Travis' graduation present and I have been wanting to give it to him for weeks! I wrapped part of it.
He was rather confused when he opened it and saw 3 Guitar Hero games. He looked at me and said, "Honey, we don't have a play station (long pause) or do we?"
SURPRISE! I pulled out our new Play Station 2 with two Guitar Hero guitar's. He was too excited and absoutely speechless. He couldn't believe that he finally had the video game that he's been wanting for years now. All it took was a master's degree, right? :) Congrats Trav, you totally deserve it.

The guitar stance and the look of concentration-he takes his music very seriously.

As you can clearly see here-

Love you Trav


Natster said...

OH I am behind the times! I just saw that you guys are expecting! How excited! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys will be the cutest parents. :)

The Littlefields said...

Congrats Travis!! What an acheivement! Good graduation gift... and well deserved. I think you should get a gift too Camille, it's tough to put your husband through school.... I'll take you to lunch. :)