Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a year wiser

It is so much fun for Trav and I have to have our birthdays so close together. We get to take each other out and celebrate another year for each of us. We get to open a gifts together...so really it's like a small Christmas all over again. I love it! This year we went to Olive Garden and finally got to see Taken, a movie we've both been wanting to see since it came out. We highly recommend it too!
We realized half way into our pie that we didn't sing Happy Birthday or blow out candles! Mom jumped out and got a candle for both of us and since we were eating pie, we stuck it in our ice cream. Too funny. Happy Birthday my love!


Cortney said...

haha thats hilarious! happy bday

The Littlefields said...

Happy Birthday!! That is fun that you can celebrate together. Glad it was a good day.