Thursday, June 11, 2009


This post is called progression because that is exactly what has been going on at our house. Thanks to Rebecca, my older sister, I was able to go over to her house yesterday and scrapbook all day long! It was so great because I got seven layouts done, talk about getting off on the right foot.

We've also made a bit more progress on cleaning up the second bedroom. The bins we've been waiting for to arrive at Ikea finally came in and we were able to go get some. The desk is looking full and the room and closet is looking empty and clean! It's great. We'll be ready for our baby furniture in no time.
And our little Maestro is making mucho progress as well! Today he got another set of shots and so we decided that he was far enough long in the shots area that we could start taking him outside. It took him a couple of extra minutes to get him out of the doorway but once he was on the grass he was lovin' it!

It was so much fun to watch him jump around the grass, and trip on the grass too. His legs are so short that they are barely taller than the grass. He would run for a second and then trip and roll a bit but then get back up and start running and hoping through the grass again. It was so much fun for him.

I love this next picture because it shows exactly where Maestro climbs on me. He looks up at me and "reaches" up if you will. I pick him up and set him on my lap and then he starts to climb up onto my stomach and then onto my upper chest. He'll give me some kisses and then sit down just below my neck. It's so much fun. Earlier this evening he actually took a nap up there, it was so great. I love having a puppy!

He loves to play with a towel, it's so much because there's enough room for you to pull him around, for him to grab, etc. So this is Travis playing with Maestro from earlier today.If you notice his legs are off the ground in this shot.For some reason he loves to do this. When he has a really good grip he'll lay down and then put his legs behind him. If you continue to pull on the towel you can just drag him with his legs out behind him, it's hilarious! We're all big fans of playing with a towel.


The Martin's said...

Hey I just found your blog. If you don't know who I am, Travis and I went to college together. Congrats on the pregnancy that is super exciting.