Friday, June 26, 2009

no one likes bath time

...well, I do but Maestro sure doesn't. We give Maestro a weekly bath and as soon as carry him into the bathroom he knows what's going on. He tries to escape from our arms and then when he gets put into the bath tub he scurries to the swallow end of the tub and tries to get out. It's funny to us but he sure doesn't like it too much. Because of his two coats of fur he looks much different after his bath so I had to share as to how stinkin' cute he is. So here is Maestro before his bath- notice how big his neck and chest are-

He really is a little guy but his fur makes him look much bigger. So to show you how small he really is-here's Maestro during his bath-

So cute! Look at those back legs! They're like little sticks!
And here is our Maestro after he's all clean and feelin' softer than ever.

Notice how much smaller he looks after a bath? Especially his neck? He's so cute. I try to dry him off as much as I can before gets out of my grasp and runs off. After he does get away from me he tries to dry himself off and it's pretty funny. So this week I decided to lay a towel down for him and let him dry himself off. Here's the video of it if you want to see it. It's cute. He scratches at himself for a good ten minutes after he tries to get all dry. He's adorable and we're still lovin' every minute with him!


Florida4x4chick said...

he is so cute!!! Just wait till he gets bigger and you have to lure him in to the bathroom with treats and lift him in to the tub. I have to do that with Jerzy and it sure makes it hard because she's 60 pounds and never wants a bath.