Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This weekend my Mom had a birthday and we surprised her with a visit from our sister, Nicole. Who is currently living in Arizona. A couple weeks ago my older sister asked my Mom what she wanted for her birthday and Mom said she wished Nicole could be here with us. Next thing we know Nicole got work off and we were planning this surprise for my Mom. Friday afternoon my older sister took my Mom to lunch and we were secretly all waiting in the back. When they came in, we came up, and surprise! Well, you can just see the surprise on my Mom's face! So funny. Talk about the perfect gift.

So all weekend we got to celebrate. So much fun. Cason finally got to try out the porch swing-

He loved it! Although I'm not sure if it was the swinging or the blue and white ropes he liked best.
Cason and Brandon got to spend some quality time together.
Brandon was teasing Cason with his tongue, Cason kept trying to grab it but wasn't quite fast enough.We all had so much fun together.Happy Birthday Mom!
And Nicole and Shawn, we miss you already!


Missy and Andy said...

How fun! That "surprise" pic of your mom is so ute! :)