Friday, May 14, 2010

thanks for sharing

Thanks to sharing my awesome sister let Cason borrow this wonderful contraption and he is loving it! He stares at one toy while playing with another. The seat swivels but he hasn't learned this yet so he turns his body as far as he can so he can get to another toy.

So much fun! Thank you so much Rebecca! He loves it! And any toy he loves, Mommy loves too.

Here are some other fun photos that I wanted to post from this week-
So funny, he wanted to play with Maestro but wanted my attention a the same time. As you can see Maestro wasn't amused.
So adorable. I am in love with his baby blues.
I love his little piggies...and even more so when he pulls one sock off to play with.
Hanging with Daddy. Notice how his feet are crossed, he does this all the time-cracks me up.

Hope everyone had a good week and is having an even better weekend! I know we are.


Tanelle Lindquist said...

He is getting so BIG and cuter by the day! You have a beautiful little family! ;)

Forrest and Rebecca said...

The photos are so cute! I am glad we can share (it makes me feel good that the $ we spent it going to good use). I love the photo of Cason and Maestro. They look equally frustrated!

Lynea said...

He surely looks happy and content with his new surroundings. Adorable smiles. I can imagine the sounds he must be making. mom

Nella said...

Holy Hannah he loves that excersaucer! That is one happy boy.